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The Rothschild Zionist-Masonic New World Order Criminal Network

The LORD Himself has said He will spit out all of these alphabet soup cronies upon the mountainsides! Their corpses shall be broken on the mountain sides as He spits them all out! The Mossad did 911! Senator Paul Wellstone … Continue reading

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Critics: Iowa terror drill portrays immigration foes as killers

From a concerned Texan: Scenario – White supremacists shoot dozens of people amid rising tensions involving racial minorities  Can anyone explain why this “drill” would be orchestrated in this manner?   White Americans portrayed as criminal terrorists and the innocent “illegal” … Continue reading

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Michael Chertoff Exposed

http://www.brasschecktv.com/page/983.html This video shows the origins of much of our problems and the origins of Full Body Scanning.  Nazi’s brought to the US by the CIA at the end of WWII.

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