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  1. Varlam S. says:

    Dr. Kent ‘mastered clinical psychology’, and then – just like a kung-fu master – he created his own style! Too bad it’s the same bunkum sold by the better known, yet equally ineffectual, M. Seligman.
    The notion of being incarcerated in Arizona while Dr. Kent was working at the AZ DoC is truly terrifying. Your freedom – your life – is in the hands of the court, and the court is about to listen to a guy who reads the Protocols of the Elders of Zion as though it were letters written by St. Paul.

    Keep trying Dr. Kent, you might be a bat-sh*t insane LaRouchie racist, but you do make me laugh.

    • admin says:

      Varlam S.

      Who are you? We all know who I am but we know nothing about you, your credentials and experience. So, tell us who you are. As you can see, I will approve your comments and your forth coming identification and bio. That is, if you aren’t afraid.

      Actually, I saw the flaws involved in the practice of clinical psychology under the DSM after many other practitioners older than myself enlightened me as to the source of the DSM, the history of the DSM and the flaws they observed. You do know what the DSM is, right?

      For information, I have never read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion although I intend to. Are you so “open minded” that anyone can control what you think? Can control you?

      Lyndon LaRouche has his limitations and there are significant aspects of the apparent philosophy undergirding his perspective that do indeed bother me. Nonetheless, Mr. LaRouche and his Executive Intelligence Review (EIR) have made significant contributions to our understanding of the world today and our political landscape. LaRouche and I have communicated a few times in the past. I respect the gentleman for his insight and his courage. Certainly, he doesn’t get it right all of the time and neither do I. Moreover, this time you certainly don’t!

      By the way, Seligman’s family is despicably linked to the New World Order as proffered by Carroll Quigley in “Tragedy & Hope” and W. Cleon Skousen in “The Naked Capitalist.” (One of the two misspelled the name Seligman thereby allowing the Seligman family to remain somewhat in relative obscurity.) Of course, you’ve read both of these, right?

      Even Martin Seligman doesn’t get it right when understanding the Negative Projective Process clinical psychology has become. Nevertheless, I must acknowledge Martin’s major contributions to the scientific literature. No Psychology 101 student gets through the course without being lectured on “Learned Helplessness.”

      Wait ’til you read my new book! That’ll shut you up. It’s far beyond your comprehension; moreover, it’s not intended for you. At least I don’t think from your comment that you are of Israelite origin.

      Dr. Kent

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