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 . . . In the summer and fall of 2005, my personal life deteriorated and threatened my professional life.  Because I wanted to have something to offer my wife, I waited late in life to marry.  But instead of a wife, I married a con artist.  A very pure sociopath.

Shortly after we married on the first night of our honey moon in Alaska, I discovered that something was wrong in my marriage.  I married someone who only connects with others to predate upon them and for self-serving stimulation.  That is another story.  We’ll get to that.

Then, on Sunday afternoon of November 6, 2005 I received a phone call from my estranged wife’s former husband.  This was not her most recent husband; we never located him even those they married and divorced less than a year earlier in the same county.

This was Maria’s forth husband calling me.  We believe I was husband number 6!  She was only 35 years old when we married.  Beware, Maria Kleine is still other there and she has multiple aliases.  More on that later.

US Air Force Captain Muhammad Khan called me pretending to be my friend and pretending to be trying to help me salvage my marriage, but he called and delivered “their” threats:  Should anything come out in court during the annulment process or anywhere regarding Maria’s drug use, his group would use my licensure board and make certain I never practiced again as a psychologist.

The news of the day was filled with the Duke University LaCrosse players who were wrongly accused of rape.  Khan said my estranged wife Maria was going to charge me with sexual assault and rape.  However, that never occurred.  But they certainly made a concerted effort to deny me my ability to practise and at that they have succeeded–so far.

After an attorney (who had also dated Maria but escaped her clutches) pleaded with me to go to the police I file a police report, I called after work on November 8, 2005 and the officer took my report on the phone.  Sadly, the officer made many mistakes in his judgement and in his report.  He (wrongly) concluded that no crime occurred in Chandler.  Later, the Chandler Police Department became known for failing to investigate crimes and failing to enforce the law and failing to protect its citizens. 

That officer’s report demonstrated the paucity of police work in Chandler.  The officer did not file it under my last name.  He got my profession and my wife’s professions wrong; he wrote we were both “physicians.”  More importantly, he (erroneously) claimed that no crime had been committed “in Chandler.”

In the process of delivering their threats, Captain Khan said that there was a group that included my current supervisor Dr. John Trezise, my previous supervisor Dr. Suzanne Arnold, my “friend” from Grace Community Church Claudia Novak, and others in this plot against me.  More importantly, Khan identified Steven Ickes, the Head of Programming for ADC as in alignment with their plotting.

As a result, I notified my Board of their threats in a letter along with notification of changes in my contact information.  The poor grammar in my letter to the Board indicates how I stressed was:

2005 11 25 Kleine & Khan’s Explicit Threats


November 25, 2005

Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners 1400 West Washington, Suite 235

Phoenix, Arizona 85007

Dear Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners:

This letter is to notify the Board of recent changes in my contact information and to apprise the Board of the following events. Recently, my wife, Mrs. Maria Kleine Kent, RN departed. This was not entirely unexpected as I asked her to either cease and desist from diverting prescription medications to our residence and get an assessment for the possible need for treatment or leave.

Nonetheless, prior to the time she left and subsequently, Maria threatened to go to the Board regarding my license should anything untoward happed to her licenses. Actually, this threat was rather mild and was buried within several other threats. There are other more serious issues involved other than her problems with addiction.

Unfortunately, this situation escalated on November 6, 2005, when Maria had her former husband call and deliver their threats to me and upped the ante so to speak. Major Muhammad Khan told me that they are planning upon charging me with many allegations and some of those were quite creative. According to Khan, “We will make sure that John Kent never practices psychology again.”

Nonetheless, the most heinous of these false allegations that they attempted to extort me with were “sexual assault” and “rape.” They want me to suppress and withdraw evidence. Accordingly, I have filed Police Reports with the Chandler Police and the Untied States Air Force.

Because of this harassment, I have had to change my contact information. I continue to reside in Florence and in Chandler at the house on 933 West Azalea Place. I have closed PO Box 11735 in Chandler, and I now use PO Box 2325 in Florence almost exclusively for all mail professional and personal. It would preferable that the Board contact me at the Box 2325 Florence address as needed. This is the same as the previous address.

Additionally, I have had to change my email address and my telephone numbers. My new home number is (480) 292-2711, cell phone is (480) 861-9221, email is Joe, and my work number as of this Monday November 28 will be (520) 868-0201. This is the same number as before.


John Taylor Kent, Ph.D. Psychologist

FLORENCE, ARIZONA • 85232-2325
WORK. (520) 868-4011 EXT 5356
PHONE. (480) 861-9221

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