Did Jacqueline Kennedy Pull the Trigger?

Courtesy of Eric Christian on FaceBook

The Zapruder Film Examination: Jacqueline Lee Bouvier Kennedy Onassis

Watch closely.  By :19 seconds it is all over.  Be prepared to be saddened, very gravely saddened.

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23 Responses to Did Jacqueline Kennedy Pull the Trigger?

  1. eric christian says:

    my face book account has been disabled over this matter which touches on the root of current and past problems of our existence. A small group of individuals control everything and have been screwing up society for a very long time now.

    In this paticular matter, our minds simply will not process what we can see in the Zapuder film, that jewess Jackie shoots JFK. If this were a scene in a movie with unknown actors we would react otherwise.
    E. C.

    • admin says:

      Welcome Eric Christian to Dr. Kent’s Blog!

      I am grateful for your participation; however, I am saddened by the news of the loss of your FaceBook account. Feel free to comment here. I will not edit your comments as is my practise. I approve all valid comments–especially dissenting ones. Let’s work together to right some of these wrongs.

      Again, thank you very much.

      At your service,

      Dr. Kent

  2. CHARMAINE says:



    • admin says:

      Miss Charmaine:

      You are obviously upset over our telephone call. I will not tolerate abuse. My definition of abuse is trying to control another.

      Why you feel you must strike at me with comments you know are untrue (I reside by myself in a condo.), I do not understand. It perplexes me. Why the need to strike at me again?

      In answer to your question, I, too, was demanding to know the answer to the very same question and I was gently corrected and informed by the helpful person’s analysis which I have subsequently posted.

      FYI, this occurred serendipitously. I was thinking about it much of last night and had already decided to blog it before I saw your comment; nonetheless, I refer you to it for your answer.


      Dr. Kent

      • eric christian says:

        what first shot? Zapruder film shows first shot occurs after frame 300. We observe the exit wound on the right side of JFK’s head. We also observe smoke above Jackie’s right hand.

        America is built lie upon lie, similar to todays financial hoax: paper debt on paper debt (derivatives).
        E. C.

  3. CHARMAINE says:

    Wasn’t even speaking to you John. Was referring to the ludicrous assumptions made from this video. the first shot struck the president in the throat..note kennedy grabs his throat and bends over…then the kill shot hit. it is a REAL stretch to try to even create something that is not there…just blows my mind. The time might be better spent playing video games!!!

    • eric christian says:

      no one can verify anything which may or could have possibly happened at Parkland and Bethesda hospitals. Nixon even refused to go to Bethesda, saying ” i wouldn’t come out alive”. “Bethesda” is hebrew for “house of grace”.

      America is rotten to the core.

      • admin says:

        “America” is not rotten to the core but the current Federal Government certainly is. I look forward to the day we fire them all and hire folks who will honor the US Constitution.

        • Chucky Z says:

          I have always been amazed (in a negative manner) by the assassination of JFK and I knew for a fact that it was by the controllers and our Federal Government in some way had something to do with it. Until now, I did not put two and two together: the hole on the top right side of his head is very large and therefore most likely an exit wound!! OMG!! This is terrible.. And as Eric has called her jewess, this further proves that the jews are very much in control of the world around us.

          I strive to live by Christian beliefs and standards and am also with strict constitutional beliefs. We need to kick these criminals out of office and revert the federal government back to what it was designed to be: a small more or less intermediary between the states and NOT the tyrannical perversion it has become today!

          • admin says:

            Welcome Chucky Z–

            Thanks for your candor. Stick around and tell me your impressions.

            Thanks again,

            At your Service,

            Dr. Kent

  4. Junkyarddog says:

    Something to think about…If he was shot from a building on the right side of the parade,then the bullet would have entered in the right side of his head,in the direction of jackie..Now,noticed the muzzle flash,exits out the right side of his head,meaning that the gun was fired from the left side,Jackie’s side…!!!

    • eric christian says:

      c’mon, we see her shooting him. we see smoke arising above her.

      • admin says:

        I think Junkyarddog’s observations are reported in an objective fashion; moreover, from my reading it appears his observations endorse that Kacquleine was the “hit man.” While I could not “convict” based upon the poor quality of video alone, it is indeed enough to launch an investigation, maybe even enough to cause a Grand Jury to forward this matter for prosecution!

        Taken in context, the murderess and conspiracy of everyone in that limo is obvious.

        Are any of them still alive today?

      • Junkyarddog says:

        yep,she shot him.!!

    • admin says:

      Howdy Junkyarddog–

      Welcome to my blog. Your comments are appreciated and posted unedited.

      Taken into context historically (Charles Giuliani’s expose), the evidence is irrefutable. We now know who killed Kennedy and how and why is has been covered up for so long. Clearly, we need to restore the US Consitution and the Rule of Law to this land–or face annihilation.

      Thanks for taking the time to report your observations.

      At your service,

      Dr. Kent

  5. Junkyarddog says:

    eric,i think you misunderstood my post.I saying there is no way he could have been shot from a building on the right ,since the bullet exited his head on the right…watch the video again,and you’ll see what i’m talking about..(muzzle flash)…

    • eric christian says:

      dog: i see the exit wound on the right. i am a hunter. i know that entry wounds are small points, exit wounds much larger.

      dr Kent: ALL is rotten. BTW, did you get my message about Charls G. and Jackie’s love for money before FB booted me?

  6. Junkyarddog says:

    this will change your whole outlook on the matter,it did mine.you can see,there is nothing in her hands…And bullets came from the front… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nc2YZBAlJ2Y&NR=1

    • admin says:

      Hey Junkyarddog–

      I disagree with you. But your comment stays anyway. I watched the video closely–until I saw her blowing off his head AGAIN. That was enough for me. I’m not watching it any further. It’s fast. It’s over in an instant.

      The angle of the filming may have purposely been chosen because the small single shot device was hidden by JFK’s head. Abraham Zapruder was part of the set up.

      Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis murdered her first husband in front of the whole world and got away with it!

      Your comment is appreciated.

      Thank you,

      Dr. Kent

      • Junkyarddog says:

        It’s really hard for me to decide,not enough detail in the video for me.That section of the video,is not enough to convict in a court of law.What i’m kind of bothered by,is you refuse to watch the whole video series..If all the info in the video is documented on paper,as he claims,then so many traitors could be tried,and convicted..No doubt we lost the greatest president we ever had..The government we have had since his death has really destroyed America… ..Respectfully submitted, JYD…

        • admin says:

          Exactly, those in the car were all traitors and murders. In my honest opinion, they are all accessories before the fact. IF they were not, then why was the investigation not forthcoming? Why did the authorities leave us with contradictory data? Why didn’t they do their jobs properly and fully? It is because they were ALL GUILTY of his murder.

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