Gabrielle Giffords and Arizona

Gabrielle Giffords was a bubbly attractive woman who made herself readily available at the Arizona Psychological Association (AzPA) Conference in October 2006.  While I had opportunity to interact with the Congressional candidate, she was being enthusiastically supported by AzPA and psychological types tend to gravitate towards liberals & liberalism because they support psychologists’ thirst for expanded power and influence—just like their liberal brethren.

More importantly, I was not going to get the opportunity to vote either for or against Giffords because she was running for a seat a Republican was vacating in a district in Tucson while I reside and voted in Chandler in the district that seats Congressman Jeff Flake.

In contrast, to Jeff Flake, Gabrielle Giffords was far more approachable and made a greater effort to meet constituents and I applaud that.  However, her willingness to serve appears to have contributed to her demise, the unwanted vicious attack upon her.

While I am not enamored with Mrs. Giffords’ philosophy, her willingness to meet the public and serve exceeds that of Jeff Flake.  Even though I worked on Congressman Flake’s campaign in 2006, I only met Flake and his family in a passing presentation at Republican headquarters in Tempe while I was working the phone banks.

Sadly, when I approached the Congressman via several written requests to meet with “my” Congressman and even when I appeared in person to meet with Flake at his office on South Stapley in Mesa, Congressman Flake and his staff were “less than cooperative” and in a nutshell Congressman Flake refused to meet with me.

This avoidance behavior is typical of most Congressmen across the United States—they do their best to avoid constituents and having to face tough issues on behalf of those whom they purportedly serve!  In contrast, Gabrielle Giffords made herself available and made an effort to meet with and serve her constituents.  That can not be taken from Giffords.  That positive trait can not be denied.

Nevertheless, both Congresswoman Giffords and Congressman Flake support “comprehensive” immigration reform—which means rewarding criminal behavior, allowing those who have broken our laws and raped & pillaged our country to remain here and to become United State’s citizens.

I place the blame for the state of our nation upon the Congress of the United States.  By allowing the office of the President to usurp Constitutional authority from the Congress and permitting the United States Supreme Court to claim powers that do not reside constitutionally in that court but only in the Congress, the United States of America is fast approaching losing its national status, prestige, influence and wealth.  

In short, the failure of the Congress over the last century has resulted in wars and the theft of the wealth of our people and the loss of liberty within our country and outside our country.  It would be a hard and long haul to reclaim our nation through the political process within the current systems.  However, I predict the current systems will fail.  They are designed to fail.  Perhaps from the ashes we may able to regain our sovereignty, get our errant government under control and restore order and the rule of law to our country and allow the rest of the world to self-rule as well. 

Until that time, the American people do not realize that our State Department has morphed the United States in a Monster that has become the strong arm enforcer of the One World Government under the New World Order which is actually the Old World Order that worships Satan and espouses the “sacrifice” of people including children 

Either America becomes the light and guides the world to liberty and justice or she will be condemned for becoming the enemy of the LORD and the great enslaver.  Either we realize that we the people are Israel or we continue to support & enable those who enslave US and are our masters. This is the grand conspiracy of all conspiracy theories.  This is the fight between Good and Evil.  This is the battle between our God and Satan.  It is all one and the same fight.  And it is here.  It is now.


Listen to the “Progressive” Left press forward trying to use the victims to force their agenda.  They are statists.  They worship the state.  They worship false gods.  Their religion is a false religion.  It is nothing more than a man made idol and it will fail.  They lie and deceive about the truth and the facts. 

Ironically, the “Progressive” Left is full of hate and loathing.  Rather than acknowledge those who intervened and saved the day, we have a sheriff who was derelict in his duty—just like Congressman Jeff Flake and others in Arizona were derelict in their duty when I tried to bring forward the series of crimes and cover ups in the Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC).  The others include the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI), the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS), Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, the Prosecuting Attorney for Maricopa County, the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners and other Arizona State boards of licensure. 

At this time, calling for the resignation of Pima County Sheriff Clarence W. Dupnik is proper and in order.  Rather than speak candidly and truthfully, Sheriff Dupnik has used this opportunity to inflame the public while trying to cover up his failure to protect the public from this young man with whom his office had had frequent contact AND the sheriff knew this man was grossly unstable.  This man had committed crimes which Sheriff Dupnik refused to prosecute because a family member of the perpetrator is employed at his jail! 

Sheriff Dupnik was derelict in his duties and his dereliction of duty resulted in the loss of six lives and many lives harmed forever.  If those in positions of authority are permitted to continue to be derelict in their duties, we will continue to sink into disorder and depart even more form the rule of law.

There are plenty of good law abiding citizens who can fill his shoes, all of their shoes, even those who were derelict in their duties when I came forward blowing the whistle on the crimes committed inside ADC—fraud against the State and the Congress, malfeasance, psychologist sex with a client, sexual battery, sex with a ward of the State, medical malpractice and murder.  Let’s replace them all with law abiding citizens who will uphold the rule of law and will not be derelict in their duties.  Plenty of people are out of work who can take their places right now.

A word about Arizona:  Maybe Arizona should never have become a state.  Arizona continues to operate under territorial mentality.  The State itself, its institutions of government are corrupt.  Arizona has produced the worst.  Arizona gave us the Hell’s Angels.  Arizona allows huge amounts of drugs to enter our country.  Arizona allows the most illegal aliens and allows terrorists to enter our country freely.  Finally, Arizona gave us Janet Napolitano, Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security.  Need I say more?

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