Psychology & Indoctrination for the Destruction of Critical Thinking (Major Cause of School Violence)

When I served on the SAMSHA CSAT grant standing review committee, every time a grant came through which proposed the illegal and/or unethical practise of psychology {or medicine} upon minor children without consent of the children’s parents in the schools, I challenged it based upon the laws prevailing in every state and the standards of practise.  My colleagues would take me outside and try to cajole me into permitting the violation of parent’s rights (and responsibilities). 

Alas, there are no grant committees today that allow volunteer service like mine.  Instead, the government decides everything.  You can bet they are violating parental rights with impunity!

This short video takes a brief look at education and schooling indoctrination and destruction of critical thinking to create a global consciousness and world culture in preparation for the coming one world government. 

Moreover, it describes one of the main causes of school violence, including that at Columbine High School.  All of those boys who killed others were in treatment.  The best treatment possible–with psychiatric medications!


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