2011 New Year’s Message

As I reflect upon the year, it bothers me immensely that my new blog is off track.  While I intended to limit my material to facts and evidence regarding the theft of my ability to work and earn a living by the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners and those who utilized the Board to harm me and to further cover up their crimes, I have indeed posted a lot of material that lessens my credibility—in the eyes of those who do not have the background necessary to digest controversial material.

Perhaps more importantly, I am bothered by the fact that in all likelihood I have proffered material which is designed to create ‘noise’ and obscure the truth.  It bothers me that I have most likely, in my wild diversity of material, have posted material that may be inaccurate or false, perhaps even disinformation.  Yet, these items seem important to me—at least at that moment.

Then, I am faced with my own reluctance to post audio clips and documents that clearly prove my case and provide clear and convincing evidence of my innocence and the conspiracy against me.  Why I hesitate I do not understand.  Usually, at times like this I am processing things and waiting for the Holy Spirit to show me the way.  And, often, things develop differently and with greatly poignancy than I could ever plan upon my own.

Likewise, I hesitate asking myself, “What’s important?” 

“Will this matter 100 years from now?” 

“Will this matter five years from now?” 

The fact is, I don’t know. 

So, allow me to start the New Year with a small reservation. 

Call me paranoid; nonetheless, with the Department of Homeland Security recently taking over tens thousands of websites, I have feared mine might be taken down.  And with the coming regulation of the internet, I fear the Federal bureaucracy; perhaps the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) will decide I no longer need my First Amendment Right of Freedom of Speech.

With the coming of 2011 I am going to update and upgrade my website and blog.  I will add tabs and streamline it for easier use by my visitors.  I have purchased two new domain names and will be using those to make this happen.  Some of the original pages have errors I wish to address and there are new pages I am considering building.

2010 was a difficult year for me.  As usual, I did not realize the difficulty or the nature of the difficulty until it was past.  I experienced an adverse reaction to statin medication.  Provastatin attacked my muscles.  After pissing 17 pounds of my muscle down the toilet, I finally discontinued that medication.  Statins reduce CoQ10 in every cell of the body including heart muscle.  Thereby, rather than preventing heart attack by reducing cholesterol, statins encourage heart attack by weakening heart muscle.

Well, I knew that commencing statins and started taking CoQ10 supplementation to counter it, but I did not expect my urine to become brown and stink and foam—while the inner material of the fibers of my muscles was being ripped from my body!

It is a New Year.  God still gives me breath.  Let’s make this a good year.  Join me in insisting upon a return to the Rule of Law and the United States Constitution.  Our very existence depends upon it.  Our Muslim detractors have been trying to warn US and help US break the grip of Zionism.  But our Muslim brothers also want to rule US and make US their chattel just as much as the Zionists!

Let “isolationism” be a new word with great connotations for respect for others outside of our borders and let’s retake our government and State Department back from those who misuse US—those who misuse American power to harm the little guy across the world.  Should we fail to retake our county and restore the Constitution of “these” United States of America, we will have earned our defeat and ruin.

We need to be honest and tell the truth about our past and what is happening in our nation now.  If we can not do this, we will have earned God’s wrath and be destroyed.  We are a nation of deceived persons.  It is time we own up to our complicity in the efforts of the bastards who seek to rule the world or we face an inevitable and harsh ruination.

My profession has done more harm in these matters than any other.  Psychology has done more harm than any other profession.   Watch the video on the Tavistock Agenda:


Without fear.  There is nothing embedded in it.  There are no psychological techniques employed in it.  It is pure art.  However, the charts and text contain a tremendous amount of material and pass rather quickly.  It is worth study and review as we enter deeper into the dark ages of deception or exit the spell of those Satanic New World Order bastards and reclaim our heritage and blessing of the “Third Testament” of  the Holy Bible called “The Consitution of These United States of America.” 

Either we will submit ourselves to love justice and walk in humility or be enslaved by another power.  This is a battle for men’s souls, a battle for survival, the fight between good & evil, the war between God (Jesus) and Satan.  These are not conspiracy theories, these are real and they are now.  We are deep in the tribulation described in Revelations.

But that’s just my opinion.  What’s yours?

What do I know?

At your service,

Dr. Kent

December 19, 2010

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