EPA Complicit in Colony Collapse Disorder?

Courtesy G. Edward Griffin’s Unfiltered News at The Reality Zone:

US: Memo leaked from the EPA sheds light on the mystery of why honey bees have been dying off. It may be a pesticide produced by the Bayer Company. The EPA has known that this chemical harms honey bees since at least 2003; yet, not only has it allowed Bayer to sell the product, it has concealed the research. [Once again, we see the ugly face of corruption in government.] (sic)



“Since 2006, serious decimation of the North American bee population has taken place. Termed “colony collapse disorder,” millions of worker bees have mysteriously disappeared from their colonies, largely confounding the scientific community.

“Blame has volleyed from viruses to fungi to cell phone radiation…

“But a suspect has emerged as enemy number one: Bayer’s pesticide clothianidin.”

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One Response to EPA Complicit in Colony Collapse Disorder?

  1. R says:

    Very disheartening isn’t it? But not unexpected!
    I’ve been keeping close tabs on what is going on with this issue ever since watching a documentary on it. I would recommend Vanishing of the Bees to anyone interested! You can check out their site at http://www.vanishingbees.com!

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