Jodi Arias is a Sociopath!

Having attempted to marry a sociopath, Maria Kamilah Kleine, and having worked as a psychologist in corrections, it is my personal conviction that the woman who so brutally murdered Travis Alexander is a SOCIOPATH! Hence, Arias could care less about that horrible murder she committed!

As far as my attempted marriage to a sociopath, sociopaths fool the best of psychologists. They walk right through us and waltz on. Generally, we don’t recognize them even in the aftermath of their destruction. A psychologist might catch a glimpse of a sociopath as they walk away but that is all. Except, I am exceptional and had wonderful friends who helped pry me loose from that sociopath’s spell.

Due to the horrible nature of the overkill of Mr. Alexander, I want to see Arias on Death Row! Arias must pay the ultimate penalty–with her life! I don’t believe a word Arias says!

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13 Responses to Jodi Arias is a Sociopath!

  1. Eva says:

    Sociopath is absolutely accurate. I lived with one for 5 years and it took me a team of good friends and a Great Dr to untwist me from this madness. People can not truly understand what a sociopath is unless you have been entangled with one. I did not even know what one was until my therapist told me that I was with one. Yikes. When you become the target of a sociopath it’s like being caught in a spiders web you can’t escape. These people will say and do whatever it takes with the straight face of an angel and absolutely zero conscience. They will discover your weakness and use them to control your emotions. This is a game to them that they have fine tuned thir whole lives and you simply are no match. They have skilled themselves in manipulation. Most people will not see it coming before its to late and they ensnare you with their well polished charm. Trying to understand and love a sociopath, not wanting believe someone could be so capable of evil, it really shook me to my core. He never hit me, although I would have much preferred an attack I could wrap my head round. I escaped, barely, but not without severe panic attacks that took a decade to overcome. If you interact with a sociopathic mind too long you will go crazy yourself. I was young at the time and vulnerable having just moved to Maui on my own. No support system near. I had everything going for me and I lost everything to escape the madness. Jodi arias should be put to death. Sociopath are animals. Whatever Travis may have been we may never know the truh about but I am, without a doubt, certain jodi arias is a sociopath. Once you have known one you never forget that energy. You will NEVER make that mistake again!

    • Tim Dick says:

      Wow. Your assessment is so accurate. I nearly married a Sociopath. Every time I tried to escape, she brought me back in. She was so very charming, intelligent and believable. Once I finally broke loose – moved to a different city – I discovered that pretty much everything she told me was a lie. Then unfortunately I found that she had literally destroyed the lives of two freinds of mine through shear manipulation. Unless involved with a sociapath you cannot understand their level of manipulation (power). I was stuck until I saw the play Oleana – then something clicked with me. I understood that some people really are pure evil. There is absolutely no comprehending their frame of reference. They truly live in a universe where the rules are different. Jodi Arias reminds me VERY MUCH of my ex. She was beautiful, manipulative, but sympathetic. Spoke very intelligently, was a nymphomaiac and (according to conventional norms) as sexual deviant, was a consumate liar, and could make one feel guilty at every turn. She was also evil incarnate. I sincerely beleive Arias should be put to death. The world is scary place with people like her in it.

      • admin says:


        Remember, sociopaths know the rules (of social interaction) better than you or I. Moreover, they use those rules against us to their full advantage.

        I will be (re)posting my test for ruling out sociopathy again soon before I shut this blog down, archive it and start my new blog. It is a simple test and I WOULD APPRECIATE FEEDBACK ON IT. You can conduct this test yourself and perhaps some may find it protective.

        Indeed, no one understands a sociopath and no normal man or woman can believe or comprehend them until one has un up front close and personal encounter with one.

        BE VERY GLAD YOU SURVIVED! Mine almost killed me! She certainly damaged me and got away with it.


        Dr. Kent

    • admin says:

      Dear Eva,

      Certainly, I wish I could claim that I will never interact with a sociopath again but they are difficult to detect. One out of every 25 (1:25) of us in America is a sociopath and their proportions continue to grow as our culture declines, mostly to “embrace [suicidal] diversity.”

      I hope and pray I never make that mistake again but they are extremely seductive, tantilizing, exciting and damn good at fooling the rest of us! They are master manipulators.

      Sociopaths fool psychologists easier than any other group! However, we have the rare opportunity to see one displayed publicly in Jodi Arias.

      Best wishes,

      Dr. Kent

      • admin says:


        Having thought about your comment for a while, I can not improve upon it! You obviously had a lot of great help because your insight is impeccable.

        Normal people are ill equiped to deal with sociopaths.

        However, let me add that we are dealing with “sociopathic cultures” and the lessons learned on the smaller individual scale can help us apply that knowledge to the world situation at large. I stopped writing my book because people aren’t ready for the truth. Perhaps I should take it up again and publish.

        Respectfully yours,

        Dr. Kent

  2. Tom Maldez says:

    It’s fascinating to know that Travis Alexander finally identified Ms. Arias as both “evil” and a “sociopath” in one of his final texts to her. I hope prosecutor Juan Martinez makes good use of that.

    And I also hope the jury sees her as the rest of the world does and cages her for life.

    • admin says:


      Thank you. I did not realize that Travis properly identified what Jodi Arias was before he died. Man, she must’ve really had a hold on him to keep him after he discovered that she is evil and a sociopath! I hope they sentence her to death to set an example because IMHO there are as many if not more female sociopaths than male sociopaths.


      Dr. Kent

      • Tom Maldez says:

        Yes, Travis had finally seen behind the mask and in one of his “end game” texts to Jodi denounced her as both “evil” and a “sociopath”. I watched with joy as Jodi was forced to read the texts under cross-examination. But, not surprisingly, she read the texts without emotion, without shame, without guilt.

        I must admit she is skilled at her craft. There was a time early on in the trial when I actually felt sympathetic towards her. She seemed a sad-sack sort of girl that everyone took advantage of. I couldn’t have been more mistaken.

        • admin says:

          Perhaps Travis may have the last word. Too bad he couldn’t break off from her before she killed him.

          Certainly, it was overkill. How many times? How many of those multiple wounds were fatal? Truly, Arias remains a danger to the public and should pay with her own life.

  3. rachel says:

    I have run into people like this at work. Not many – but I get the chills. Right away. I have known for as long as I can remember when I want nothing to do with someone. And without fail I learn (from far away) how awful they are (cheaters, people that play games, hurt people and enjoy it, etc.). I’ve read about sociopaths/psychopaths recently and also that some people have that instinct to just feel it in those people right away, which I thought was interesting. It doesn’t make someone more observant, etc. You either have it or you don’t. Like radar. My radar is certainly off in other areas, I’ve picked some whoppers in my love life – not mean people, just people who ultimately don’t make good partners for me specifically! But my radar is really good for picking up on sociopaths for some reason.

    • admin says:


      Most people have an up front personal run in with a sociopath at some time in their life. Pay attenttion to your gut–that will warn you. Socipaths appear to lack those connections between their heart and their head. They lack conscience. You are lucky if you have avoided them, seeing how 1 out of every 25 of us in the US is a sociopath.

      However, I have never heard of people who have a sense right away that a person is a sociopath. Perhaps you are sensitive to the run of the mill anti-social personality (ASP) rather than the sociopath.

      Most learn about sociopaths the hard way–through a major loss or series of losses. The fact is since we can not imagine “not having a conscience” it is nigh near impossible for us to think such people exist.

      Sociopaths are not Anti-social persoanlity disordered people. Sociopaths are super predators. Even the inmates in jail could recognize the sociopath and knew the socioipath to be the superior predator.

      As is commonly said, “watch your 6.”

      Dr. Kent

  4. Jules says:

    I was married to a sociopath for 20 years. At one point (very close to the end of our marraige) when I was going to leave him for finding out he was cheating again, he grabbed my cell phone and through it as hard as he could on the floor. As it shattered into many pieces, he yelled these exact words, “I get a rush out of getting away with things and this has been going on since I was a little kid.” I was completely shocked and felt that, out of uncontrollable anger and fear of losing the game, he actually blurted out the only truly honest thing he ever told me. I will never forget it! After all the years of lying, cheating, drugs, gambling, sexual deviancy, pity plays and making me feel like everything was my fault, finally the truth came out. His words still have a huge impact on me, even now (3 years after divorce). Have you seen the pleasure on Jodi Arias’s face for much of the time she’s been on the stand? Her life is at stake and she is enjoying the “game.” She’s getting a “rush.” I have to admit, I actually felt sorry for her while the defense attorney was questioning her on the stand. That’s me, getting sucked in by the sociopath!! Martha stouts book, “The Sociopath Next Door” and Dr. Robert Hare’s book, “Without Concience” are very enlightening and informational books that helped me tremendously after I finally filed for divorce. I was told by an expert that sociopaths are the equivalent of aliens and there is no point in trying to figure them out! I am still baffled by them.

    • admin says:


      Of those two books, I perfer Martha Stout’s. Of the two terms, I prefer “sociopath.” It is a much more accurate term and is far more useful. Furthermore, I like that term because it specifies what I beleive is the etiology (origins, cause) of the sociopath. In my opinion, the sociopath is a result of extreme learning, perhaps in an extremely negating environment. Certainly a sociopath is highly organized. In contrast the term “psychopath” implies disorganization and thought disordered.

      You were lucky to be attentive and to catch the rare glimpse of a socipath dropping their mask for a moment and being purely honest about their evil. Most sociopaths are formed in the early years. I would guess by about age 5 or 6 they are formed by their environment.

      However, I must admit, the socipath challenges all the assumptions from which I practised psychology. I can’t tell whether it is heridity or environment but I am leaning towards environment and learning over genetic predisposition. Almost NONE of the major mental disorders are due to genetics!

      Indeed, I thought I observed a subtle smirk on Jodi Arias’ face–indicating she was enjoying being the center of attention and (seemingly) getting away with murder. I have not been following the case closely.

      I am concerned the prosecuting attorney may be too harsh and that may backfire. If he is wise, he will figure out (more like happen into) a way that will allow Jodi Arias to hang herself, to reveal her true self. Now, that will take talent on the part of the cross examiner.

      Sentencing Jodi Arias to Condemned Row (That’s what it is called.) will send a major message to females that we are not going to let you get away with such horrible murder withouth paying the ultimate price. And I hope that society will not waste any time or much money on appeals.

      Sociopaths do not deserve to be considered human. They are strictly predators. I agree, there is no point in trying to figure them out least we get caught up in admiring their etiology and have pity upon them when they will always be dangerous to others.

      I have offered to work with sociopaths because no one has ever treated one successfully. However, I have yet to have one take me up upon my offer.

      My experienced peers have difficulty understadning socipaths. So much difficulty in fact that there is no category, there are no criteria in the DSM (which is a defective product any way) for sociopathy or the sociopath.

      Hopefully, your experience, Jules, has given you an immunity from the next sociopath. There is no sense in trying to beat them at their own game because they have honed their skills at least since adolesence! One can’t win. One can only walk away.

      Dr. Kent

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