Knowing the Enemy

There is a sixth reference which should convince the most skeptical of the great conspiracy to rule the world.

6. “The New World Order” written by Eustace Mullins upon the commission of Ezra Pound is an expensive book and difficult to find. A used hardback copy runs $299 while a used paperback runs half of that. This book details who did what to take over and control the United States and the World. It is authoritative and fairly exhaustive. It details and documents the interlocking corporations which are all controlled by one corporation. However, even that entity may be regarded as a front.

I have found it available for PDF download for free and posted that link earlier.

Here are links to purchase copies:

Be advised I have not examined either of these and do not know that they are identical. Likewise, I do know how accurate the PDF download is.

I am offering $200 for a hardback in like new condition.

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