Knowing the Enemy

In order to assist you in understanding who the enemy is and identifying the players, I am publishing openly my recommended references so that you might read and educate yourself. Here are the books you need to read and study; however, you will still have to synthesize the Big Picture for yourself from these.

1. The Bible and not just the New Testament but the entire Bible must be read and understood. That is no small feat. There are only three versions that I can recommend. The King James, The Geneva Bible and Martin Luther’s Bible. The Bible is the great intertext and one can not be educated without reading and studying it. Read it as a book of stories. Press through boring genealogies and passages. You will have to read the Bible many times and press in in order to understand the intricacies contained therein, but there is no other book that offers a greater reward.
2. “Your Heritage: An Identification of the True Israel through Biblical and Historic Sources” by attorney Bertrand Comparet. This brief 51 page booklet provides irrefutable proof as to who the Israelites are today and that is very important!
3. “Lawful Money vs. Legal Plunder” by B. G. McCarthy (2011) provides in 101 pages the evidence of the means and the method whereby the enemy has taken over the entire world and waged war during the last century. This is a very technical presentation rendered practical. Most bankers don’t learn this much in college! But you will have a working knowledge at your fingertips and be able to understand the importance of restoring Constitutional money.
4. “The Great Impersonation: How the Anti-Christ has Deceived the whole World” by Eli James (2003) is the best global presentation to date I can find detailing the enemy and the enemy’s methods. However, most readers are not going to have the background necessary to understand and absorb this fine work. Moreover, it tells everything, even the future, except it does not explain the origins of the enemy. Nevertheless, this rather pricey 333 page large format paperback’s references make it a bargain!
5. “The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15” by Dan Gayman (1977) explains where, how and why it all began in detail. This is an exhaustive and authoritative work of 415 pages. The story was difficult for me to swallow, yet this is the truth about when and how it all began and clearly identifies the enemy. Moreover, unless one understands what Genesis 3:14-15 mean, one can not understand the Bible! This verse holds the key to understanding the entire Bible!

Having read these five fine books, you will understand who the enemy is. However, you may find it difficult to impossible to overcome your brainwashing. Our culture has been turned against us. Our own language has been and continues to be used against us. Nevertheless, the last thing the enemy wants are us reading our Bibles and finding out for ourselves the truth in the Bible, nor does the enemy want to be identified.

But, we must identify our enemy least we continue fighting our enemy’s wars for them!

These are rare books. If I can help you acquire them, get a hold of me.

As far as I know, I have the last of Dan Gayman’s new dust jacketed hardbacks. I bought all he had left. These are destined to be worth thousands of dollars as no more will be printed.

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