The Israeli Zionist Mistake

The zionists who rule the world from behind the scenes have made their ultimate mistake with Sandy Hook. Our “masters” have underestimated American’s willingnness to fight and die to preserve our God given rights of self defense.

We are not going to allow the political puppets of the Rots-childs or any of their minions or Satan to deprive US of any more of our Second Amendment rights. The right to bare arms was not granted BY the Constitution but the federal and state governments were BARRED by the Constitution from infringing upon our God given rights.

Clearly, the government has infringed too much and for far too long. The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting but everything to do with protecting US from a tyrannical government.

Warning to all Law Enforcement: DO NOT ATTEMPT TO ENFORCE ANY LEGISLATION GRABBING OUR GUNS OR EVEN REQUIRE REGISTERING FIREARMS! You will be faced with an army larger than you imagine.

Look at the bare shelves in gun stores. There’s a message for you. We are a civil people but when you come to enforce the anti-gun measures, you will have chosen poorly and have joined America’s enemies!

And when the shit hits the fan, you in the lamestream main stream media who have done the wishes of the devil and those who are undermining America, you reporters and journalists are going to get your due! We are coming after you!

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