Threats to Use my Board Against Me

On November 6, 2005, one of my wife’s former husbands called me and delivered their treats to utilize the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners against me “to make sure that you never practice psychology again” should my wife’s drug problems be revealed during our divorce and/or annulment proceedings.

On November 8th, I called another man whom Maria had dated.  He was an attorney and he implored me to file a police report and beg the police to help me.  Later that evening I called the Chandler Police Department and filed a report, a copy of which is attached.  However, the officer claimed that no crime had been committed in Arizona!

2006 02 01 Police Report

Also attached is a page from my cell phone bill page showing that phone call from California.  At 110 minutes, it is the longest phone call on the page and it was from a (310) area code.  Please note the Chandler Police Department became notorious for failing to investigate many other crimes that occurred in their jurisdiction.  Also note, the poor quality police work:  The names and professions were not accurately written in this rather brief report.

2005 11 06 Khan’s call

While it may appear I am muddying the waters by introducing my marital problems, I assure all that it is germane to my story.  However, it is not my goal to even attempt to tell my story here.  I am merely providing the documentation and proof of the way my Board was knowingly used against me and the crimes that were covered up.

Captain Khan mentioned Psychologist Susanne Arnold by name.  He stated my supervisor Psychologist John Trezise was involved.  Moreover, he implicated that “our” former wife, Maria Kamilah Khan, had contacted then ADC Director or Programs Steven Ickes and had commiserated with him.

Here is an abbreviated copy and paste of Chandler Police report 05-122460RP:

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Chandler Police Department                 “Report Date” 11/08/200519:06

Incident Report                                 “Report Na” 05-12-2460

John Taylor called the police to report last Sunday he received a phone call from his spouses ex-husband, Mohammed Kahn. John is currently in the process of obtaining a divorce from his spouse, Maria Kline, who was previously married to Mohammed Kahn back in 2000. John is a Medical Doctor and his spouse is a nurse. There are allegation’s that Maria is possibly using methamphetamine and has a drug problem, thus part of the reason(s) for their impending divorce.

During the phone call John received from Mohammed, he stated that Mohammed told him not to “mess” with his ex-wife’s nursing license and threatened to file false police report(s) against him. He also indicated that they would make false allegation’s against him in an attempt to harm his professional career. John said Mohammed is an Air Force Officer and has a high security clearance. He fears that Mohammed will slander his name and therefore wanted the matter documented.

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