Agenda Driven Mainstream Programming

This week I watched television far more than usual. The fact that network news is agenda driven is a given but I was shocked at how the average television show is chocked with agenda driven propaganda concurrently manipulating emotions. There is no fighting this. There is no way to have a discourse when the public is being emotionally manipulated every evening to accept more multi-culturalism.


The Jews learned this type of “warfare” when Samaria was occupied and there was extensive racial intermixing when they were occupied by the Babylonians them the Assyrians. (This is well documented in the Bible and was the reason it was so amazing when a Samaritan woman was the soul who first recognized the Messiah.)

That is what they are doing to us. They are making it impossible for the values that created America to prevail. They are destroying us from within.

When Dr. David Duke revealed in his book “My Great Awakening” that the multi-cultural policy given the USA was written by a woman of Jewish descent and pushed by a Jewish owned and dominated mainstream media, I was flabbergasted. Any student of the Bible will realize that this is a warfare tactic from the Assyrians and Babylonians.

What can we do to resist it? Nothing but read our Bibles and pray about it. Until we turn to the God of Israel, the real Israel and not those Jewish phonies, we are in judgment and will continue to demise. The fact is America was founded by Israelite descendents and not only do we not know who we are but we are not in compliance with the conditional covenant established at Mt. Sinai.

This is the “spiritual” part of the battle. Until and unless we realize we are the people of the covenant, there will be curses for disobedience (a written in the early Old Testament) and we will suffer the judgment of the God of Israel. Only when we embrace the facts of who we really are and our real lineage and begin to obey the terms of the covenant established at Mt. Sinai will we begin to turn this around and take back our country.

One more thing, Jesus warned us about ‘those who said they are Jews but are not’ twice in Revelations (2:9, 3:9). Those who are dominating us are not Israelites Jews descended from Judah but rather are descendants of Esau-Edom. They are imposters and are children of Satan, literally. They have stolen our identities but this will not last much longer. Sooner or later the Israeli Zionists will reveal themselves for who they really are. And we will be astounded to realize that many are the seed of Satan.

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