An Open Letter to the Speaker of the House John Boehner: Make it or Break

Look, John, either you win this and force the President to stop spending like a drunken sailor and save our country fiscally or you need to step down. This is yours to lose and you have been mishandling the fiscal crisis and yourself.

You, John, need to figure out how to use your position as Speaker of the House or you need to step down. It never should have gotten this far! You let it go too far.

You need to get on the radio every day for 45 minutes and tell the people why Obama wants to go over the fiscal cliff. At the least, you need to appear on all the networks once a day for 20 minutes—until you can force the President to reign in spending and present a budget.

Call me if you don’t know what to do! There are so many great ideas out there that you should be following.

Legislation to require Obama NOT steal from Medicare. Legislation to make the Bush tax cuts PERMANENT!

Shove that legislation down Harry Reid’s and Barack Obama’s throats and force them to take the full blame for the destruction of our country—because that is what is coming should you allow the continued debasing of the dollar.

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