Here’s an Index of SSRI Psych Meds Causing Homicidal Behavior and Contributing to Massacres

Long ago, we stopped counting when the SSRI-assisted suicides surpassed 545 suicides! But now we have another problem: ALL OF THE MASS SHOOTINGS HAVE BEEN DONE BY PEOPLE ON PSYCH MEDS!

PSYCH MEDS ARE THE PROBLEM and we should ban psych meds and require all psychiatirists to work directly under the supervision of a psychologist who will determine the safety and efficacy of psychopharmacological treatment in order to reduce the likelihood of future massacres!

Here’s the link to only one form of psych med (SSRI) induced violence:

There are also the untoward and unforseen effects of anti-psychotic medications and mood stabilizers and other anti-depressants and anxiolytics to take into consideration regarding mass shootings and massacres!


The irony is the Sandy Hook Massacre is being used to advance more people on forced psychiatric treatment which will result in more massacres!

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