Predictions Confirmed: MSM Says Shooter Adam Lanza Was on Violence-Linked Anti-Psychotic Fanapt

The fact is whenever you hear in a commercial that a psych med may cause “suicidal thinking” as one of its “side effects,” you should also understand that what the drug company dares not tell you is that their drug also can cause “homicidal thinking” and homicidal behavior!

“The ‘Connecticut Shooter’ Adam Lanza has now been reported by mainstream media to indeed be taking the violence-linked anti-psychotic drug known as Fanapt, a prediction I made after the news of the shooting broke. And as I explained in my previous article regarding this drug by name, Fanapt has a very disturbing history of FDA testing and approval. It also has a long line of side effects that echo reports that drugs of this nature ultimately lead to suicidal behavior and increased overall aggression — side effects covered up by Big Pharma corporate scientists.

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