Connecticut Police Lt J Paul Vance Threaten to Prosecute Truth Seekers in Order to Supress the Truth about Sandy Hook!

Law enforcement stooped to a new low in December 2012 when the Connecticut State Police threatened to prosceute anyone with a differing opinion from their “official story” about what actually happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre!

This is a direct violation of our First Amendment rights!

‘Maybe they should prosecute the MSM.
Posting Truth,Info,Questions or not believing official story Related to Mass Shooting In Newtown Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School will result in arrests and prosecutions of perpetrators of WHISTLEBLOWING.
If you pay attention to what he says, he’s not talking about people impersonating the killer, he said “in any form” posting what he considers disinfo. This is a pathetic last ditch attempt to clamp down on info and try to salvage their official story.Will these guys prosecute themselves for violating First Amendment’s Rights Of The U.S. Contitution?
Now Come And Get Us Or Expect US.1-(800)-575-6330 Is how you can reach the offices of Lt J Paul Vance.’

Courtesy of MrCensureMoi Dec 16, 2012.

As one commenter posted: “Don’t want the truth to get out huh.”

This is proof the Connecticut State Police are lying, can’t be trusted and should have their charter pulled and be taken over by the FBI and managed! The Connecticut State Police with this one public announcement have LOST ALL CREDIBILITY!

We Americans have become the “people of the lie.” We love to be lied to and we eagerly embrace falsehoods in our (false) quest for security!

Connecticut Police Spokesman Newtown Will Prosecute Independant Journalist Whistleblowers

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