Let’s Jump Over the Cliff!

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of this spendaholic President and this inept Speaker of the House!

Let’s go over the cliff. At least then we will know what is expected, tax-wise. Moreover, we will bring the drunken spending of this Marxist President to an end and maybe, just maybe, we will get rid of John Boehner!

Since Speaker Boehner has failed to use his position effectively and even he admits he doesn’t know what he is doing, John Boehner must go!

One thing I like about President Obama:

He is going after the Republican Party! And I applaud him and his efforts! I hope Barack decimates the Republican Party. The GOP is as bad as or worse than the DEMONcrats!

How can I say that? Simple. The Republicans are spineless and inept. The Republicans have abandoned principle and the GOP needs to go the way of the Do-do bird!

We need a new party. Or, better yet, we need to do away with the Parties System that has damaged our country so much.

Bringing our economy around could be accomplished easily. Restoring our freedoms could be accomplished easily. Provided you had statesmen rather than professional politicians.


So, let’s go over the “financial cliff.” Let’s force our President and Congress and, more importantly, our errant Senate and Harry Reid to deliver a budget for a change.

The problem is the federal government has gotten so large than getting a budget is impossible! IT’S TIME WE STARTED TAKING APART MASSIVE AMOUNTS OF THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT! CUT DEPARTMENTS. ELIMINATE CABINET POSITIONS.

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