My Prediction on Hillary and Benghazi

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is going to be able to delay testifying until she will be allowed to step down unharmed for her incompetence and lying about Benghazi and the loss of so many Americans and our ambassador to Libya.

One thing that has not come to light to the public at large is that the Benghazi incident was possibly contrived to create a hostage situation in order that Muslim President Barack Obama could come forward negotiating the successful release of American hostages. However, those plans to be taken hostage evaporated when two Navy SEALs intervened.

Then, the “hostages” became angry. And Barack Obama let them die because the grand plans put in place to make him look like a hero before the American people prior to the (re) election evaporated. Obama went on to vacation and fund raising in Hawaii.

Please don’t expect me to make sense of a senseless situation. The incident appears to have been contrived to re-elect President Obama. The fact remains the two Navy SEALS may have succeeded in killing 151 enemy insurgents before they were killed.

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