My First Day Off of FaceBook

Last night I canned FaceBook for a combination of reasons. First, I was spending too much time on FaceBook. Second, I really did not feel safe on FaceBook. Besides being scammed and conned, the profiling is just uncannily accurate. In fact, profiling on the open internet has become problematic.

While I am somewhat of a public figure and have given up certain privacy rights. Moreover, while I am very public and open about my beliefs, views and thinking, I really was becoming severely disheartened by all the contentiousness on FaceBook. Not only are most people quite ignorant, they revel in their ignorance. The level of narcissism exhibited by the average individual in America will be our nation’s downfall!

The average person lives in extreme ignorance and is very well controlled and managed by our government and our keepers. The only ones who are more narcissistic than the average American are our President and our leaders.

Also, I am tired of the shallowness on FaceBook. I value my time and my expertise. When others say they are going to do something and then don’t do it, it throws my day off. I am tired of waiting upon others. I stayed on FaceBook longer because I was hopeful; however, at the end of the day, the level of disrespect was overwhelming. So, rather than allow myself to be abused by others and their failures to communicate, I am off FaceBook.

What really bothers me are those who claim they are “conservative” who in fact have “liberal” perspectives. So, many people demand “references” and they are just plain lazy people who are unwilling to lift a finger to help themselves! Moreover, when I am the reference, it is insulting to demand I cite another source.

So, enjoy your phony relating on FaceBook. Sure, there are a few sincere individuals but there in no real connection. And connecting is what life is all about. Connecting is where differences are made that could save our country. But, alas, I realize that America is over. Sadly, we are in the demise. Most of you reading this will be victims of the great culling. The culling is necessary and has been ordained by BOTH sides: good and evil.

Americans refuse to wake up to who they are and from whence they came. They refuse to come out of the fog of decades, maybe a century and a half of mass brainwashing. All of our institutions have been compromised and all of our institutions compromise us. It’s over folks. Be prepared.

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