Why Mitt Lost the Election and Why the Republic Party Doesn’t Matter Anymore

In a nutshell, the Republican GOP is dead! The Republican Party doesn’t matter anymore!

Mitt Romney lost the election due to one thing: VOTER FRAUD!

And not just at the national election level but, more importantly, VOTER FRAUD DURING THIS GOP REPUBLICAN PARTY PRIMARY!

The Republican establishment and the mainstream media conspired and committed voter fraud and journalistic fraud. As a result, the Romnulan lost and since his own staff actively participated in VOTER FRAUD during the primary season, neither the Republican Party nor Mittens Romney could file an appeal claiming VOTER FRAUD!

Neither had a leg to stand on after what they obviously did to Dr. Ron Paul during the primary. Truly, the Republican Party has got to go! It must go the way of the Do-do bird! It must die! The Republican Party no longer matters.

In fact, Abraham Lincoln’s Republican Party from the outset has laid the foundations to wreck and ruin our Republic! It was a bad party from the start and laid the corrupting foundations from which our Constitution has been usurped, subverted, destroyed.

Even Rush Limbaugh can’t save the Republican Party! And, really, nobody should! The “parties system” needs to die. George Washington long ago warned us that the “parties system” would be the death of our Republic and Constitution. And, boy, was he right!

Had the GOP treated Ron Paul with respect and given him every victory Ron Paul deserved beginning with Iowa and all the way to Maine, Ron Paul would never have been the Republican nominee, yet Ron Paul might have been offered the Vice President’s slot on this ticket. Much more importantly, Ron Paul would have had a voice at the GOP Convention. But, he did not!

Then the asinine Republican establishment decided to push out the only activists they had in the entire Republican Party! Ron Paul supporters were insulted and left declaring, “So, you think you can will this election without us?”

And they were right! The Republican Party without the Ron Paul supporters lost this election!

If the Republican Party was truly an inclusive party, Ron Paul could have stayed and the GOP would have had the full energizing force and benefits of those for Ron Paul. But, the Republican Party is not inclusive!

And the main stream media, especially FOX News (which should be called “FAUX News” since it is so obviously biased and did a great job giving Obama the air time and all the attention Barack needed to win this election) should be ashamed for ignoring Ron Paul and the fact that THERE WAS RAMPANT VOTER FRAUD AND PROCEDURAL MANIPULATION DURING THIS REPUBLICAN PRIMARY!

But, the news media was complicit. Especially FOX News! It is obviously manipulated and controlled to obtain desired results for our masters behind the scenes.

There is nothing to save our nation short of a revolution, an American Revolution (which hasn’t happened yet) and a return to the Constitution ditching all the “current” Amendments from the (wrongful) 13th Amendment forward. Those are all illegal and need to go, including the 17th Amendment which subverted the form of the Constitution by providing for the direct election of Senators and the 16th Amendment which gave us the terrorism of an Income Tax.

Moreover, the real (original) 13th Amendment needs to be properly restored and expanded to not merely bar attorneys, as officer’s of the court and members of the judiciary branch of government, from crossing the separation of powers and occupying elected seats in the first and second branches of our triune government. In other words, the 13th Amendment made it illegal for an attorney to hold office in either the Presidency or the Legislative branches of government!

And we need to expand the (original) 13th Amendment to strip everyone who holds “dual citizenship” of their American citizenship without recourse. It is those dual’s who allowed 911 to occur, to go uninvestigated and unsolved!

The GOP is dead. The Republican Party doesn’t matter anymore! There is no Rule of Law. We are not free men in America. The elite can get away with anything and, more importantly, make the public believe what the elite want the public to believe. It is, indeed, hopeless.

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