Three Shooters at Sandy Hook Elementary School & Two Shooters at Aurora, Colorado!

We now know there were three shooters in Connecticut and two shooters in Colorado, or rather; there were two shooters and one sacrificial stooge at Sandy Hook Elementary School and one active shooter with another sacrificial stooge at the Batman premier at the movie theatre in Aurora.

Besides having a sacrificial patsy in each shooting, what else to these two mass shootings have in common?

The fathers of each sacrificial stooge were BOTH SCHEDULED TO TESTIFY BEFORE THE U.S. SENATE ON THE LIBOR SCANDAL!

The bankers and elite control this nation. The media is complicit if not a participant in the cover ups of the real crimes. There is no rule of law in America. We can no longer trust law enforcement locally or federally.

Note to all law enforcement: You have better maintain the chain of evidence and be willing to make it available for independent confirmation least you risk being tossed in with the organized criminals running our country!

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