Anchorage Center of Black Ops Program Spraying the World

Alaska is the center of a secret black operations program spraying the world.

Anchorage is the cross roads of the air freight world.  We are within nine hours of flight from 90% of all of the industrialized centers of the world.

As a result, the planes conducting aerial spraying of chemtrails refuel at Elmendorf Air Force Base on the north side of Anchorage.  The men refueling those jets claim that no one talks about where those planes come from or where they are going.  No one discusses where the jets originated.  Nor does anyone talk about their destinations.

They just refuel them all the time and those jets keep flying and spraying the industrial world.  What in the world are they spraying?

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2 Responses to Anchorage Center of Black Ops Program Spraying the World

  1. Steve Griffith says:

    Besides jet exhaust, what do you think they are spraying ? Why are they ? What is the goal of the Op ?

    • admin says:

      Definitely aluminum (Altzheimer’s and effects crops negatively) and barium (permanently scars lungs, may act as a tracking agent).

      Strontium 90 is reported as well as nano biotechnology (Morgellons).

      Fact is, as good a question as it is, we really don’t know what they are spraying and why they are spraying. All we know is they are spraying people and plants and water and soil. EVERYTHING!

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