Obama’s Arms Running to the Muslims

Imagine Obama faced with a failed mission to recover American stinger anti-aircraft missiles from the Muslims he provided those weapons to in Libya. President Obama is faced with the untenable possibility and possibly real threat to use one of the Stinger anti-aircraft missiles his administration ILLEGALLY provided to the Muslims who were fighting against Mulmar!

So, rather than risk American aircraft being downed by one of those stinger missiles Barack provided the Muslim radicals, he elects to stand down and take the loses of his ambassador and three other Americans. By the way, that particular Ambassador is the same man who arms brokered the illegal transfer of American stinger missiles to the same Muslims!

Had Obama risked a C-130 gunship, he faced the very likely probability that our C-130 would be shot down by one of our own missiles! Fired by the Muslims, of course. Thereby Obama’s illegal aiding and abetting radical Muslims with advanced weapons systems would be exposed for the entire world to see and Barack would suffer the embarrassment of previous presidents–right before his bid for re-election.

President Barack Obama’s decision to order his generals and admirals NOT to save our amabassador and three other Americans was entirely “politically” based!

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Very enlightening. I thought there had to be an inside reason for Obama’s order to stand down….I initially thought that it was because he did not want the bad publicity of another “war” started during his presidency. But this is a very legitimate argument…interesting.

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