Obama Orders Benghazi “Stand Down”

Upon hearing of the killing of our ambassador in Libya, my intuition informed me that President Barack Obama personally and directly ordered our forces to “stand down” and NOT protect our ambassador and citizens at our embassy in Libya.

Obama’s motivation is political and representative of his general mind set which is delusional. Obama can not admit that the War or Terror has failed during his watch. Barack had to allow the amabassador to die and secret documents to be seized least his bid to be re-elected be lost.

Furthermore, Obama wrote clearly in his book that when there was conflict with the Muslims, he would stand with the Muslims. Obviously, Barack Obama is a Muslim, a Trojan Horse jihadist who’s policies in the Middle East have resulted in empowering the Muslims.

I should have posted this long ago but I have had my mind on other things and I have been traveling.

By now it should be obvious that the man in the White House hates America and is intent upon getting re-elected in order to destroy America.


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