Eating Ginger Protects the Body from Radiation

Earlier this year I read eating ginger protects one from possible damage from exposure to radiation. This makes sense. Ginger root has long been known for its benefits in nerve strengthening.

All summer I have been looking for ginger ice cream. The juxtaposition of something cool, cold with something spicy, hot, results in a wonderful treat. The last I had some ginger ice cream was at a sushi restaurant last fall in Boise. But even a return visit to the same establishment this summer proved fruitless.

I looked for some in Bend, Oregon as well. It appears there is no ginger ice cream to be had anywhere. That Japanese restaurant in Boise informed me that they used to get their ginger ice cream from a distributor in Seattle.

If anyone knows where I may obtain some ginger ice cream, be it in a restaurant or via a distributor, please let me know. Thank you.

Recently, I discovered ginger candy. Indeed, that has some form of sugar in it. I found one that was sweetened with molasses and another that was sweetened with organic sugar. Sugar is sugar, and the only time I can justify it might be after an extremely hard workout combined with my protein drink to help get the protein absorbed into the cells.

With the concerns about excessive radiation and failure to monitor and warn the public thanks to our federal government, adding ginger to ones regular diet just makes sense. However, be warned it is considered a sexually stimulating food as it builds potency.

This spring and summer it appeared that all of our EPA’s radiation detectors around the country went down episodically all at the same time. It was uncanny, as if the plug was purposely pulled on all of the many detection facilities around the country at one time by a central power.

Likewise, at those times, sometimes lasting a week or two, independent people with their own private radiation detectors and monitoring facilities were reporting that we were apparently being bathed in radiation from Fukishima. It seemed to waft over here on the prevailing winds in waifs, cloud packets of radiation.

Sadly, this was evinced in Boise where for a six week period there was record making in the number of spontaneous abortions and miscarriages–something associated with exposure to excessive radiation as fetuses are extremely vulnerable to even low amount of radiation.

What is the truth? I don’t know. How dangerous has Fukushima been? I don’t know. I don’t like panicking folks but adding ginger to one’s diet seems sensible for overall health and longevity. A little prevention can go a long ways. I find it hard to depend upon my government for anything. Certainly, the federal government doesn’t care about truth; it seems to run upon myths, lies and cover ups.

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