Book For Sale: Gayman (1977) “The Two Seeds of Genesis 3:15”

I have the last of the hard back copies of Pastor Dan Gayman’s ground-breaking book with dust jackets. I am offering a copy for $200 plus $20 shipping. These are brand new.

Pastor Dan Gayman (Google him) was attacked viciously after publishing this book because he told the truth. Moreover, WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THESE TWO VERSES (Genesis 3:14-15), ONE CAN NOT UNDERSTAND THE BIBLE!

These are the last hard backs ever to be printed. But you don’t have to buy these hard backs to read Pastor Gayman’s book. You can buy a brand new paperback directly from him but only from him. The publishers are controlled and not one would touch this book!

I predict these rare and suppressed collectable hardbacks will soon fetch $1,000 on the open market.

I bought the last of the brand new hardback copies of this rare and suppressed book with dust jackets. I’ll rate them only 99.99% because I bought them. I am offering a copy for $200 plus $20 shipping.

Pastor Gayman is a nation treasure if not an international treasure. He has been maligned and defamed on the open internet because Satan can not stand someone telling the truth about him and his children. Satan brought out the ADL, the “Anti Defamation League” whose sole weapon is to defame others, to destroy Dan. I attest that none of what is posted on the open internet lambasting Pastor Dan Gayman is true! They have destroyed Dan so that no one will approach him. They have purposely isolated Dan and as a result Dan can’t talk to anyone.

But that is about to change.

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