Enjoy These Days. They may be the Best we Ever Have!

My recent reports must be taken with a grain of salt. These things can’t be true! Or, can they?

First, within two months the drones will be in place. Their cameras can see inside of anything. While I doubt that and I’ll bet those houses with good old fashioned quality lead paint will continue to have privacy, the sheriff reported their mission is to locate all the guns and all the ammo throughout the country.

That’s right. They will be spying on private citizens with an eye towards disarming the public. This can only mean tyrannical take over.

Second, ObamaCare requires if one wishes to continue getting my government benefit such as Medicaid, Medicare, Welfare, Food Stamps and the like to accept a heat powered RFI chip in one of only two places in the body which have the same temperature necessary to keep the RFI chip powered: In the hand or in the forehead!

Now, how much closer to scripture regarding the Mark of the Beast can one get!

Answer: NONE!

Nevertheless, this RFI implant is not the only mark of the beast system. There are the various farcical measures of currency such as the single barred dollar sign, and there are the barcodes which each contain the number “6” three times within them.

Make of these what you want or what you must.

200 FEMA re-education camps are in place in these United States. By year’s end, it seems like every federal government agency will have hollow point hand gun ammunition. Those federal government orders amounting to 2 Billion rounds of hollow point ammunition will be delivered by year’s end. Troops are being trained to shoot to kill civilians. Those are local reserve forces.

But, the worst thing is we are electing a new president who will wage more war in the Middle East. The purpose of that war is not to win anything; the goal is to destroy our troops in a senseless war so that America becomes far more vulnerable. America could be rendered defenseless.

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  1. Robin clarke says:

    It’s all coming together…

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