Tax on All Monies Sent via Western Union to Mexico and India Proposed

Tax on All Monies Sent via Western Union to Mexico and India Proposed

How about a 55% tax on all monies headed out of country to either Mexico or to India? At the least all exported monies should be taxed at least 30%. That would be commensurate with George Washington’s system of 30% tariffs & duties on all goods imported into America.

Most of the money leaving our country goes to India. Some $25.2 Billion annually that is legally earned and taxed in America goes to India. In comparison, approximately $25 Billion illegally earned in America and almost all not taxed of illegal earnings leaves America headed for Mexico.

Perhaps we can make that tax on money headed to Mexico by Western Union retroactive to when President Reagan gave the illegal Mexicans amnesty? That would help in defraying the burden providing the illegals with welfare services and other services have caused us as well as providing incentive for the illegal’s to self-deport.


It works to protect our State’s budgets and our state’s citizens from crime and exploitation. It works by putting Americans to work defending our nation.

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