SONY’s new Z2 Computer Improvements

While I am still on the fence between my original Z and my new Z2 computers, there are two significant improvements with the Z2. First, when booting up the old Z, I realize how much quieter the new Z2 is. It is virtually silent compared to the low level buzz the old Z makes.

Second, the new Z2 has far better power management and battery life has improved. Power management and battery charging on the new Z2 is clearly superior to the old Z. Of course the original Z’s batteries are more than three years old. In real life terms, even with the oversized battery the old Z gets maybe 7 hours. In comparison the new Z2 with the help of the added battery pack easily exceeds 11 hours in real world use.

However, my old Z seems to have a better Wi-Fi antenna as it picks up more signals and the signals on the old Z have more bars. I attribute this improved signal strength to a better on-board Wi-Fi antenna in the original Z.

Also, the new Z2 has a somewhat faster boot time. My old Z has had an SSD swap out and it is quick as well but the new Z2 also shuts down significantly faster than the old Z. Hence, better boot and shut down times with the new Z2 perhaps are due in part by the Raided SSD’s of the new Z2.

Lastly, SONY has started a customer computer service department that services ones computers on line. While it is somewhat of a luxury, it became necessary for me to engage their services via OMNI HELP when I got my old Z back. The repair shop had failed to install the drivers. And I could not get the drivers to download and install without the help of SONY TECH. Much to my chagrin I had to avail myself of their services and I watched as their tech downloaded and unpacked each driver so that my old Z runs as good (actually better) than it did new. Of course, installing a new SSD, maximum RAM and updating to Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit helped immensely.

One thing I recommend is getting 6 MB of RAM in your new SONY Z2 if you can. My old Z has the full 8 MB of RAM and I hardly touch it, but my new Z2 came with only 4 MB of RAM of if it weren’t for those fast four cores of the Intel i7 processor, I am certain the RAM limitation at only 4 MB would become more obvious. Get 6 MB of RAM, however, that appears to be the sweet spot for Windows 7, unless you’re doing a lot of video editing. Then, by all means, get 8 MB of RAM.

New Z2’s all appear to come with SSD’s which is the greatest improvement in speed and battery life to come down the pike in years. I wish I could say SSD’s make notebooks more robust but having had an SSD from a major manufacturer fail, BACK UP YOUR DATA! Or keep your data on a separate USB hard drive, then back that up one or twice.

By the way, I am looking forward to seeing the speed USB 3 allows on my new Z2 as soon as I get a USB 3 drive. Maybe when my failed SSD gets replaced (hopefully under warranty) I’ll use this 160 GB SSD for my data as an off board drive? Just thinking . . .

Where do I get a USB 3 housing for a 2.5″ SSD?

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