Separating from LIBTARDS and Giving Liberals a Dose of Their Own Medicine!

Separating from LIBTARDS and Giving Liberals a Dose of Their Own Medicine!

While I am slow, in fact almost retarded, I do eventually get there. For years, liberals have been discriminating against conservatives. Liberals have been harming and destroying conservatives for years, decades. And it is time we separated from LIBTARDS and we stopped any and all business with liberals!

Liberals need to get a dose of their own medicine! Moreover, we conservatives need to make certain we do not give liberals business least we give them more substance with which to fund our enemies!

There can be NO COMPROMISE!

For years, Libtards have seduced us, deceived us and conned us with “going along to get along,” and where has this gotten us? More maligned and marginalized with each passing year.

Therefore, conservatives need to buck up and cease all business and all interactions with liberals! There can be no more compromise that leads us further down the road to hell. Liberals have stolen our substance and they have destroyed our property rights! We need to save what little we have left before they sell the whole country out and weaken us to the point that we are invaded.

Literally, it we let liberals weaken our country any further, our enemies will be emboldened and they will attack us. Already, we are harboring massive numbers of men of Middle Eastern descent with major caches of weapons, fully automatic weapons, inside our borders just waiting for a chance to attack us from within and kill us.

We can no longer sit on our hands and wait while they bide time because they will kill us. They will “activate.”

President Bush, Senior brought over two groups of 5,000 Iraqi troops after the first Gulf War. We met two of them at a check point outside of Yuma. The taller of the two said, “We’re jihad. We’re waiting to be activated.” Then he parroted out punctuating the words, “Could . . . take . . . years!”

That was in 1992 and since then many foreign troops have crossed our Arizona border, especially in the mountainous areas, and blended in with the illegal Mexicans although they speak Arabic and Farsi.

How long can we be so “tolerant” that we allow the enemy to sneak into our country and amass and wait? When will we finally realize that all of our enemies are joining together, especially our home grown communists within, the liberals who think we all should become more tolerant of their communism and ever expanding Big Government, and they are banding together to take US down! From within and without.

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