Bill O’Reilly is a PIN HEAD!

Bill O’Reilly of FOX News is worse than a pin head! You want proof that FOX News is biased? Well, FOX News is part of the control machine and they are brainwashing the masses under the disguise of so-called conservatism. In reality, FOX is designed and is effective at instilling false patriotism while helping their masters control us.

FOX News saves specific “hit jobs” for their stars. And for Bill O’Reilly the job was to marginalize and discredit the, as he prefers to denigrate them, so-called “birthers!”

However, the cat is out of the bag. Obama was definitely born in Kenya and we’ve all been had! And Bill O’Reilly is the person most responsible for carrying on this travesty and covering up for Obama.

Let O’Reilly know how you feel. Email him at:

And don’t forget to send him the link to the real story:

Realize that the entire Mainstream News Media, and that includes FOX News, is biased and a bunch of liars. The MSM is no better than our lying sociopathic politicians and, the most cherished of our institutions, a bunch of liars just like the pastors who come out of our seminaries. It is all a bunch of lies and deception upon deception.

The good news is there will be decades of work, hard work, sorting all of this out and prosecuting those who have deceived us and defrauded us. All of our institutions are corrupt, controlled and controlling.

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