Defeat Terry Goddard for Any & All Public Office

Folks from all walks of life confide in me.  While this disclosure did not come as part of a professional relationship, it came from a confidant who knows me quite well.

According to my friend, who is a retired Phoenix Police Officer, he used to frequent Terrance Goddard’s resident as a Police Officer in order to help maintain order and peace.  He and his fellow Phoenix Police Officers often had to go to assist in maintaining peace and order at party’s at Goddard’s residence.  During those visits, it was obvious that Terry Goddard and his compatriots were leading a gay sex party lifestyle.

My take on all of this?  I wasn’t there.  I wouldn’t care except that as Arizona Attorney General Goddard has mismanaged his offices and the State Boards and his authority to harm and damage me!

Therefore, I declare:

When you elect perverts to office, you get perverted justice.

Arizona has already elected one gay or lesbian governor.  Janet Napolitano bankrupted the State and Arizonans are experiencing the destruction of their economy because of this. 

Don’t make the same mistake.

Elect Jan Brewer Governor of Arizona.

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