The Renewed Purpose of Dr Kent’s Blog . . .

 . . . in part, is to make the public aware of how it has been ill served by the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners and to provide an accounting with evidence of a series of cover-ups regarding heinous crimes committed by psychologists and other professionals.

 . . . to make aware an unsuspecting public and the survivors of untoward human deaths, of the causes of several deaths within the Arizona Department of Corrections and their willing cover up of said crimes.

 . . . to these ends, I will begin publishing my story and make supporting documents available so that the Arizona State government may correct and remedy situations appropriately and so that survivors may come forward and seek justice.

However, much overlapping material can be found in my first blog which remains up, fully searchable and is fully functional:

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2 Responses to The Renewed Purpose of Dr Kent’s Blog . . .

  1. John Wesely says:

    I was given a cursory review last October 2012 by Dr. Desch for the purpose of qualification of continued SCF medical and pharmaceutical benefits. Her report was, shall I say off base, and she made many assumptions that were incorrect.
    I was in front of an administrative law judge, The Honorable K. Gianas for a hearing and the judge is using Dr. Desch’f findings agains me for termination of PTSD treatments starting in 1998.
    I have enlisted the Psychiatrist that I’ve seen on continuous maintenance for fourteen years, but I’m looking for additional validity of the manner in which Dr. Desch is more subjective than objective. If I lose this case I lose the cost of my pharmaceutical benefits which is impossible for me to pay.
    Can you help me in any way?

    • admin says:

      Dear John Wesely,

      Pretty much as a direct result of Dr. Desch I ended up retiring my licenses to practice as a psychologist. I really don’t like psychiatry. It is a bogus field that has usurped the crown from psychology as king in the field of mental illness.

      Also, I do not know what “SCF” benefits are. So, I can not offer you much help.

      Nevertheless, in my opinion, Dr. Desch is a head case! Not only does she lack professionalism but she lacks competency and I would like to see Dr. Desch’s practice curtailed so that she would stop harming people.

      During the time I spent with Dr. Desch, she often grimaced in a manner that from my professional experience in clinical practice indicated the presence of a “Personality Disorder.” Dr. Desch was extremely disorganized and I was not impressed by any of the instruments she used; they lacked rigor and thoroughness. Her expertise is questionable. In my honest opinion, Dr. Desch should herself be examined.

      During the time I spent with her, she often spoke (as if) to herself. Moreover, she thought aloud and came to erroneous conclusions. The only benefit to seeing Dr. Desch is that her fees are lower than most and, indeed, as you wrote, her examinations are “cursory.” They are brief and lack depth, and it appears Dr. Desch has serious issues herself which make her findings null and void.

      My only suggestion is to hire an older psychiatrist with better credentials and be prepared to pay higher fees to secure an honest, competent report. Feel free to use my comments in any manner you deem necessary that may benefit you. You might also hire one of the better psychologists and obtain a written report for the court. To prove your need for ongoing medical treatment, you are going to need more “medical” reports supporting your claim and that is, unfortunately, going to cost you.

      It has been years since I have practiced and the psychiatrist I used (against Dr. Desch) has long since retired. However, in my case, the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners in their hostility decided to refer me for another psychiatric examination that was going to require a retainer of $15,000 that could have exceeded $20,000. When those in power want to get a person, they will waste their target’s substance (and health) via incessant attacks.

      I would love to see an MD psychiatrist’s license lifted just once for something besides sex with their patient, but medical doctors protect each other—unlike psychologists. Dr. Desch has a history of some sort of disciplinary action against her license in another state but it has been so long that I do not recall exactly the nature of that complaint. I believe she may be biased by her sexual orientation and may have problems with heterosexual men.

      Good luck and let me know the outcome.


      Dr. Kent

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