Norman Finkelstein: There was NO WAR in GAZA, it was a MASSACRE

What happened in Gaza during Operation Cast Lead WAS NOT A WAR BUT A MASSACRE, a massacre of a defenceless, imprisoned and besieged civilian population. The IOF air assault (in the first of 3 weeks) dropped bombs around the clock hitting homes, hospitals, ambulances, UN & Red Cross outposts & compounds, schools, universities & government buildings, with the borders closed & NO WHERE in Gaza to seek refuge, “it was like shooting fish in a barrel”. 1400 murdered (358 were children) with kill ratios of 4/5 being civilians + over 5 thousands seriously injured. For every israeli soldier killed (5+5 from friendly fire) 100 Palestinians were killed, for every israeli civilian killed (3) 400 Palestinian civilians were murdered. These are not the statistics of war, it was GENOCIDE PURE & SIMPLE. Those calling it a war are wittingly or unwittingly being agents of proper-gander

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