If Herman Cain wants to be President, he only needs one significant tweak to his 9-9-9 program

If Herman Cain wants to be President, he only needs one significant tweak to his 9-9-9 program, and this one tweak will bring in more money to the ailing federal government and do more to protect and grow our sagging Middle Class than anything else!

I understand the flat 9% income tax and the flat 9% corporate taxes but I decry that 9% National Sales Tax!

What we need is a flat 9% tariff & duty on all goods and services coming into the country.

This requires shoring up our borders and allowing the Coast Guard to once again do its job.

This protects both the little guy at home and abroad from unfair competition, the little guy on both sides of the fence. Those within our borders and those outside our borders.

If Cain gets rid of his “Sales Tax” and institutes a system of tariffs & duties similar to what George Washington founded, Cain will save our country and preserve order for the world.

But, fat chance. Why fat chance? Because every President who has been assassinated or upon whose life there has been an assassination attempt withstood immense pressures to do away with our protective tariffs & duties. Only this time, we need to implement a tax upon those “intellectual” services rendered as telephone assistance from overseas as well.

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  1. Cleisthenes says:

    You’re closing in on the right idea but you don’t go far enough. The tariff needs to be far stronger than 9%, especially for China. Their currency manipulation alone gets them a far stronger advantage than 9%. A better solution is the proportional tariff, where the tariff is proportional to the trade deficit of a particular country. China’s would be higher and Europe’s would be less. The goal is balanced trade, but in the bargain you get more government revenue, more domestic manufacturing and employment, and a higher value for the dollar. That is the way it has worked throughout most of U.S. history. It is only the current generation of politicians who have forgotten classical American economics.

    • admin says:

      George Washington’s tariffs & duties were 30%. However, I like your idea of a “proportional tariff.”

      Did you know that most of the presidents who have either had assassination attempts or were assassinated were resisting the elimination of our country’s protective tariffs?

      Most wars are over trade barriers. By denying the Japanese access to markets over a long period of time, they were forced to consider war. In my opinion, the Japanese were manipulated into WWII.

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