Smart Meters, Dirty Electricity and Disease

Dirty Electricity causes cancer and suicidality.

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  1. Dr. Kent says:

    We know that diabetics have significant trouble keeping steady sugar levels when exposed (living in the presence of) “dirty electricity” such as that caused by having merely one of those curley mercury laced fluorescent bulbs in one’s house!

  2. Sandaura says:

    Hello Dr. Kent,

    Thanks for committing to speaking out on this serious issue. I believe most urgent and serious we will face in our lifetimes. I want to share our blog with you and your readers. We have filed complaints with the Massachusetts Utilities as well as Regulatory Agencies. We are still waiting for mitigation of these problems we have proven exist. We have done so with forensic evidence we have gathered with no help from either the State, Federal or utilities.

    If you are hearing noise in your home and or property that is a constant hum, buzz, rumbling 24/7; we please leave a comment.

    • admin says:

      Ever hear of the “Lilly Wave?” It is bi-phasic in order not to rupture neurons in the brain, i.e. brain cells. It is injected in all AC power distributed in our country. Yoou house’s electrical wiring within its walls form a faraday cage allowing them* to program you by the electrical cage in which you live.

      Are you familiar with GWEN Towers?

  3. Connie says:

    Hello Dr. Kent,

    I was doing an internet research on dirty electricity this morning and came across your website and noticed that you make reference to health issues which could be related to the effects of dirty electricity. I thought you might be interested in knowing about Greenwave Filters. The Greenwave website is Take a look at it and if you think our filters may be beneficial to you and your patients/subscribers, we would encourage you to become a wholesaler/distributor with us or perhaps sharing information about our filters with your readers. We have several website links that can be shared between your website and ours, kind of an added bonus. We are also coming out with a Greenwave Meter around the first of the year, which will be available on our website.

    Please feel free to call us at our 800-506-6098 number if you would like additional information.

    Kindest regards,

    Greenwave Filters

    • admin says:

      Dear Connie,

      Since I know about the “Lily Wave” and its use in turning our homes into brainwashing faraday cages, I’ll gladly give you and your company the opportunity to get the word out about your product(s) Green Wave Filters. I would love to have advanced filtering protection but believe (and hope) my current system is adequate for my little travel trailer.


      Dr. Kent

      • Connie says:

        Hello Dr. Kent,

        Thank you for allowing us to post information about our Greenwave Filters. I have included additional information on how our filters work from the Chairman of Greenwave International, Richard Lear. If you require further information, I invite you to contact us. And of course, our website offers a wealth of information about our filters and the effects of dirty electricity on our bodies.

        How Greenwave Filters Work:

        Greenwave filters mitigate the electromagnetic interference (EMI), also called dirty electricity, on the electrical wiring in your home, business, or school. The filters target voltage transients that ride on the internal wiring in the 300 hertz to 1 Gigahertz frequency range. Greenwave filters attack the broadest range of ‘dirty electricity’ of any plug-in filter currently available. Greenwave filters remove inducted (differential mode) as well as some radiated frequencies (common mode) up to 1 GHz, without interrupting the ‘clean’ 60 hertz AC sine wave. The filters were designed by a team of EMI experts, including the R&D team of a notable US defense contractor, who is a leader in EMI filtration in cooperation with Richard Ozenbaugh, author of the landmark book, “EMI Filter Design.’ Dirty electricity generally presents itself as spikes and surges (non-sinusoidal waves) that may trigger the innate immune system into attacking a perceived foreign ‘invader.’ Dr. Olle Johansson has developed a scientific model, tracing the triggers of chronic inflammation from low-level modulated radio frequencies and microwaves, which act similarly to EMI radiation.

        Greenwave Filters have been tested in five separate labs including UCLA and Agilent Technologies, all of which demonstrated superior performance to all other available consumer filters.

        Test results and reviews of the best dirty electricity filters will be available in the coming months at

        For more, please contact us at 800-506-6098:

        Richard Lear, Chairman, Greenwave International

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  4. Connie says:

    Hello Dr. Kent,

    I want to thank you again for allowing me to post updated information on your website blog. I am excited to inform you and your readers that our Affiliate program is now in full swing and those interested may sign up on our website at by clicking on the “Become an Affiliate” link at the bottom of the page. Once this is done, the account will be activated and instructions to obtain the html code to place our banner on your websites will be emailed.

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    Connie Koch, Director
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