The Flaw in the Declaration of Independence

There is a critical flaw in the current Declaration of Independence of the United States of America, and this is crucial to understanding the current dilemma and the possibility of finding our way out of the maze, the trap.

“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” were not what was originally proposed during the discussion in the debates leading to our Declaration of Independence!

“Life, Liberty and Property (Estate)” were what was intended by our founding fathers. The problem was “political correctness” otherwise known as “sensitivity” entered into the original document published. It was felt that others might be offended by the mention of “Property” and that the great debate over slavery might have torn apart a country that needed to be brought together for mutual edification and mutual defense; therefore, the phrase “pursuit of Happiness” was instituted.

The irony in this is that given the current American culture the “pursuit of Happiness” is much more relevant now than it was during colonial days. I mean, we have become so corrupt and so involved in satisfying our appetites, that we no where near resemble what we once were.

Would we focus upon the proper Rights of “Property or Estate,” we would soon realize the folly of our ways and how we have been and are being ripped off!

“A fool and his money are soon parted,” but the irony is that there is no money today!

Literally, there is no legal constitutional money in circulation today. This is another story for another time, however.

Our birthright has been stolen, and I once tried to explain this to my father but he missed the point entirely. In my opinion, if the people of these United States of America focused upon “Property,” that is, “Estate,” we might soon come to realize how we have allowed ourselves to be deceived, deluded and duped out of Property and our “real” money.

As soon as a man realizes that he has been deprived of his “Property,” that is, his “real money,” he realizes that not only has his money been taxed away before his very eyes but the larger theft occurs through sleight-of-hand as our Congress (and its Federal Reserve system) inflates away all value and pays “homage” (tribute) to the royalty and old families around the world and this farce which passes for a government of the people of these United States of America.

Taxation is the ability to destroy. Inflation is the ability to steal.

There is only one way to stop the current destructive paths of taxation & inflation and the concurrent paths of slavery & serfdom. That is, by rewriting our Declaration of Independence and employing the exact term, “Property” (Estate), meant by the majority of the signers of the American Declaration of Independence: “Life, Liberty and Property.”

There needs to be a greater understanding of what “Property” means. Certainly, property includes “real estate,” but it includes much more and is perhaps better understood as “Estate.” The Rights of Property/Estate are essential to being “free men.” This meant that a man’s body (his means of production and work) and his time (his freedom) [and hence his labor] were part and parcel of his being, his Property.

For instance, there was a term for his “being,” that is, his wholeness of body so that he was able to work. He was able to labor and earn wages. For instance, if a man experienced an injury such as losing an eye or losing a thumb, the person responsible for causing that injury was required to pay restitution compensating that man commensurate with his loss of ability to support himself. Typically, this was a loss for the remainder of the man’s life and he was compensated accordingly. His abilities as a laborer were reduced by such injuries. Thus, a man’s body was also considered his “Property.”

Another aspect of this was a man’s “freedom,” that is, his time by which he could labor to support himself—so that he would not become dependent upon public welfare—was also his “Property.” Allow me to clarify: a man’s time was also part of his “Property.”

For example, if the sheriff were to approach you or me and say, “I have a warrant for your arrest.” We, at least in colonial days, could not refuse because that would be resisting arrest which would be a crime. Rather, we would respond, “I accept. Where’s the bond?”

You see, in those days our time as “freemen” was ours and no one could deprive us of our time, our ability to support ourselves. So, they would have to put up a bond in anticipatory compensation for our labor while we were in jail, held in custody.

One of the great motivating aspects of this is that it led to speedy trials because the accusers could not afford to put up bonds that could cover indefinite periods of time, of our labor. The purpose of the bond was so that we as “freemen” would not be deprived of our abilities to support ourselves—so that we would not become dependent upon public welfare.

At the end of our trials, if you or I were found not guilty, then the bond would be forfeit to you or I in order to compensate us for the time we had been wrongly held in jail and deprived of our “freedom,” deprived of our ability to labor to support ourselves—so that we would not become dependent upon public welfare!

We have come a long ways we have come from being truly “free” to being enslaved in our modern system of “DEMONcracy.” One of the advantages of a representative republic over a democracy (or communism) is that in a republic, one’s Rights come from God and hence are “inalienable;” whereas, in a pure democracy rights can be granted or taken away at the whim of the state and the statists.

Which would you rather live in?

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