Since the Obama Administration is Bombing Qadaffi in Support of Al Queda, One Must Now Acknowledge the Possibility: BBC now admits al qaeda never existed

Uploaded by doomdaily on Aug 7, 2009

* Al Qaeda is a creation of the CIA. It is simply a database of names of jihadists who were trained to fight against the Russians during the Afghan-Soviet conflict. * The real purpose is to build up a fake enemy so as to get the American public to support the invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and now Pakistan. The whole objective is for Oil resources. The secondary objective is the conquest of the middle east for: New World Order, One World Government. * The balkanisation of Pakistan has begun. Pakistan is being dismembered and conquered. The greater middle east war will be triggered with Israel and USA vs Iran, Syria, Lebanon. This is pure BS. Dont be taken for a ride. The PTB wants to pit sheeple against sheeple to build their One World Empire!


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