No More Climate Change Global Warming

Last summer in Alaska was one of the coldest on record and this summer is going to go down as a “cold” one.  There is no “Global Warming.”  There is no “Climate Change.”  At least, it’s not man made.

Last summer after what seemed like one hot, sunny day in May, it rained all summer.  There wasn’t enough sun or heat for vegetables to grow.  Several salmon runs never materialized and were weak because the water in the many rivers and streams was too cold and the salmon refused to run up them!

This summer may be sunnier but it is colder than usual.  Is the trend cooling?

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2 Responses to No More Climate Change Global Warming

  1. Maxime says:

    “Last summer in Alaska was one of the coldest on record”=”There is no “Climate Change”.
    Climate Change means, to me, that the climate changes, that it becomes more unstable, like very cold winters followed by unusually hot summers and unusually hot winters and so on.
    I must say that your statement makes no sense at all how you put it.

    • admin says:


      There is no “man made” “Climate Change.” The Creator made the earth so that it cycles in a fashion to rejuvenate itself. In fact, the cooling and warming cycles were known and mapped out in 1924! The climate of the earth is controlled by solar radiation from sun spots striking the earth’s electromagnetic field perpendiculary thus charging our electomagnetic field and heating the core of the earth and all.

      Generally speaking, our world is a closed system–meaning that energy nor matter on the surface are created nor destroyed but rather transformed. Indeed, my understanding of this is limited, however, I rely upon other professionals, other scientists, who have not been politicized and are unbiased. What do you base your thinking on?

      The fact that the earth is cooling rather than warming as the followers of Al Gore have charged is an indicator that anthropomorphic global warming is a hoax! Did you buy into it?

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