9/11: A Physical Education

The presenter makes more common sense than most and I am unable to refute either his facts nor his logic.  I put this up so that it may remain available and accessible.  It is controversial and speaks for itself.  I have included the editorial comments of the original poster below.

A physical education teacher shatters the official conspiracy theory of the September 11, 2001 attacks, as well as other false flags in history.


Editor’s note:

Beware of the mainstream 9/11 truth movement (MTM) hoax! It was started by the perpetrators themselves who are now pushing hard to create a truth movement for the general public through controlled opposition personalities such as Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura and Web sites such as 911blogger. If we don’t pick up the pace and continue with the real message, the general public will be fooled into putting the blame on Bush et al and the idea that it was a total inside job, all while the main orchestrators of the event, the Mossad, stay out of the light and continue with their agenda.

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