Why I Have Not Been Posting nor Blogging Very Often Lately

In a nutshell, I have been experiencing some ambivalence. On the one hand I established this website and blog in order to clear my name, and there was a certain amount of “get back at those who hurt me” about it. Certainly, I want to reveal those who had injured me and others for what they are, and I want justice for those who have been ill served. But the fact remains that those who harmed me have gotten away with it, and those who harmed others remain at large.

Why is this so?

Because of the dereliction of duty of those in authority and in positions of power who are obligated to abide by the laws of land yet have failed.

And there was a certain aspect of “getting attention” that I partially enjoyed as I posted outrageous and outlandish sorts of things in order to grab attention. There was a certain amount of a “plea for help” among it all but the fact is that while I focused on the insults and injuries done to others and to myself, it never dawned on me that my health might be failing concurrently.

At the same time I was under the stress and strain, it all caught up with me and I didn’t realize the severe compromises in my own health. It wasn’t until I found myself arguing with an emergency room doctor who was admitting me that I stopped and thought. Rather than argue with someone with a lesser degree, I conceded and allowed the ER physician to admit me into the hospital. That is another story.

What happened to me and the damages resultant were just outrageous!

Nonetheless I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t follow my own advice. Should I fail to demonstrate “an attitude of gratitude” as I preach, it would be extremely counterproductive for what I wish to accomplish with my blog. Should I fail to literally praise the Lord and dwell upon the blessings He has so wonderfully provided me and the safety net he prepared for me, I would be failing.

What would I be failing?

I would be failing in so many ways that my life would appear to be cartoonlike when in fact it is a most serious story demonstrating the power and the glory of my Lord and I don’t think the public or my readers would be well served. Therefore, understand that the purpose of my blog(s) is multifaceted.

What one will find the original blog, my old blog, is a lot of information, much of which I stand behind and a lot of which is far-fetched. My expertise is in psychology and not in politics, nor am I an expert in philosophy. While I hold a “doctor of philosophy,” that means that I understand the philosophies undergirding my discipline.

These days I have been blessed with the means to support myself. While it is adequate and I am comfortable, it is not lavish and I miss working. But my own board, the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners, worked in conjunction with others in Arizona State Government in order to wittingly hide a series of crimes, to provide cover up and camouflage in order to protect politicians in high offices.

But, the fact, or rather the uncanny set of facts is that the Lord prepared a place for me. First, I am totally convinced that God wanted me out of the State of Arizona. He wanted me out of the combat zone for several reasons including being free and clear of the wrath He is unleashing in Arizona and for the rest of the country for that matter.

Second, Lord wanted me in a safe place from which I might observe all that he is bringing to fruition. It is my belief, after much prayer and continual reading of my Bible, that the Lord literally wants me to sit this one out.

Third, the Lord wants me to prepare for my next tour of duty and fulfilling his purposes for my life. You see, before I realized what really made me happy and complete, I used to pray that God would help me. But, eventually I grew up and in maturity I realized that my best days were when I prayed to my Lord that He show me how I might help Him.

So, rather than ask the Lord to help me, I asked the Lord, I implored my Lord how I might help him in His will that day. Other than that, in general my prayer beginning my day focuses on two aspects:

Lord, keep me from evil. That evil might not be committed against me and that I might not commit evil.

Lord, keep me close to you. This selfish prayer is given because being close to the Lord has got to be the safest place on earth and I can think of nothing more important than walking with my God. To be permitted to do that while in this earthly flesh is an honor I yearn for.

So, with this second and new blog, I am ambivalent. I no longer want to post things which make me look like an outlier; make me appear so outlandish that I have no credibility. I also do not want to appear to be judgmental—allow the Lord to be a judge.

My expertise has been as a healer and previously as a psychologist. While I feel I am safe to practice psychology, I no longer feel that I have the means to defend such a practice and to defend myself. My former board, the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners, ran me ragged and contributed to the demise of my health.

My wish is that the State of Arizona would clean up its own house before it lectures the rest of the country and the federal government about how to conduct its business. If I might convey a message to Arizona Governor Janet Brewer, it might be more of a question:

Like Dylan wrote: “How does it feel . . . ”

And the reason for my question is to make the point:

You and your State are now subject to the endless (and useless) abuses of “process” just like I was open to the abuses of the endless “processes” of your boards and administration. While there was no legal basis for the boards’ continued haranguing of me, the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners decided to “kill me” with endless “processes” and outrageous attorneys fees in order to silence me in order to cover up the series of crimes which occurred within your State.

So, “How does it feel to be on your own, like a rolling stone, all alone?”

Governor Brewer, you refused to meet with me and you failed to correct your State. It is incumbent upon the leaders to see that justice is served and that laws are abided by. But, by refusing to meet with me you not only failed me, you failed the State of Arizona, the law and justice.

So, it appears reasonable that you and your State be subjected to undue and endless processes running up your State’s legal bills just as I was unduly subjected to harassment by the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners. Moreover, there is another matter on the horizon which I am required to warn you about.

Previously, I blogged about a radiological device that was in the hands of four Iraqis headed for the Palo Verde nuclear power plant. While that news was ignored by the country at large, I remind the Honorable Governor that that attempted “nuclear attack” was on American soil during the time of George Bush’s presidency.

Had Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s deputy not serendipitously discovered the four Iraqis carrying that footlocker on the dirt road near the Palo Verde nuclear power plant, in all likelihood that “dirty bomb” would still be causing cancers today in the Greater Phoenix Metropolitan Area.

Sadly, I don’t think that Phoenix is out of the woods yet. If there were ever a large target near our border that was vulnerable to attack, it would not be Las Vegas but your city, Phoenix.

These days my focus is upon restoring my own health. I have been blessed with the means of support for which I am utterly gracious. Although I believe the State of Arizona owes me significantly more, I am grateful for the support it now gives me.

As I said, I did not realize that my own health had been failing. It failed as a direct result of the undue pressures brought upon me at work at the Arizona Department of Corrections. Yet, I am grateful because I was able to discharge my debts and vest in the Arizona State Retirement System.

While I ultimately was forced to lose my house in the trustee sale in May due to foreclosure, I am grateful for the opportunity to leave your jurisdiction, especially because others expressed fear that the State might attack me further and cause me more harm. Nonetheless, I miss being able to work and having twice the income I now have, and I miss being able to own my own home.

My home was in Chandler which I did not realize was a “sanctuary city” until I heard during the judge’s ruling recently that she was upholding the part of the Arizona statute making sanctuary cities illegal in the State of Arizona. Furthermore, the Chandler Police Department after I left Arizona became noted for failure to investigate and prosecute crimes. The Chandler police failed to protect me.

So, these days I am focused upon resting and recuperating and exercising. I continued to read my Bible and pray. I continue to blog and I am so grateful for that opportunity to exercise my mind. You see, I suffered multiple systems failures when my health went.

It was not until the month before I left the State of Arizona in the fall of 2009 that I finally came to understand the extent of my injuries and damages. Forced into foreclosure and losing my home is one thing but having my health and well-being, my inner self attacked and harmed was a little bit too much.

Nonetheless, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to continue to get health care and to work on my restoration. Certainly, I wish I could practice psychology but not at the price the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners was trying to extract from me.

During this time, I have read widely and I have come to understanding that no longer is my field, psychology, being used to help the people. Not only has psychology become a farce but psychology has become the leading weapon used against the United States of America.

While I would like to avoid being “political,” it is impossible because “philosophy” undergirds all science including the discipline of psychology. And those who lean “liberal,” i.e. those supporting larger state government and less individual freedom, have become the enemies of both the Republic of the United States of America and free peoples everywhere around the world.

The Lord blessed me with healing through my helping of others in my discipline of psychology. It was because of my personal “constitution” that I was able to prevail through a series of medical maladies which were several discrete emergencies and emerge intact in order to reclaim my first amendment rights of free speech and my personal integrity.

While I am not up to returning to the radio as I previously was, I continue to make improvements. My stamina is lacking but I am hopeful for an eventual full restoration.

It is amazing that God allowed me to go through each of those critical incidents without knowing what was happening to me. It is even more amazing that my God protected me during those years I was employed as a Psychologist II at the Arizona Department of Corrections mostly in maximum security settings.

Certainly, had the administration of ADC realized how much of a danger I would represent to them in the future, it would not have been beyond them to have “arranged” for me to be framed upon false criminal charges and incarcerated me in order to cover up the series of serious felonies that were committed across several of the ADC complexes.

What we will be getting into in my new blog are all the complaints and the documentation about what occurred to me and to others during my time at ADC. This will naturally include the failures of my former board, the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners, to investigate serious breaches in ethics and the rules and laws under which psychologists are licensed in the State of Arizona.

I am going to limit my comments in my new blog in order that all of the space here in may be reserved for these matters. The only reason I stopped using my old blog is that it contained so much information; it had become so big that the site was moving too slowly for me to be able to edit my blog properly.

So, I have been taking a new residence and I’ve been taking time to myself, healing, contemplating, reading and praying. I spend a lot of time napping and it is not what I want. My medication regimen taxes me and I often find that I nap as much as three times a day in addition to sleeping eight or nine hours a night. Proverbs says that a man’s reward is good sleep. And for that I am grateful.

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