President Barack Hussein Obama’s Disregard for Common Sense War strategy, the Safety of Americans, the Respect of Foreigners, and his Disregard for Human Life

Recently in Soldier of Fortune magazine, President Barack Obama’s “strategy” in dealing with foreign nationals in the war on terrorism was exposed for its hypocrisy. While we were admonished during the election campaign that America needed to reestablish her “respect” by bringing in a democratic candidate, the result is more horrific than one could imagine.

At every opportunity, when President Obama is offered the choice between abducting a terrorist leader abroad or killing that terrorist leader with cruise missiles fired by drones, President Obama has always chosen to indiscriminately use predator drones to kill targets AND any civilians that are in the immediate area. The result is devastating for several reasons.

For one, the intelligence community is denied access to crucial information that in the past has been proven to avert terrorist attacks. For another, these indiscriminate attacks by the President have resulted in four civilians or family members or non-targeted persons killed for each nonmilitary combat leader killed. This 4:1 ratio results in more relatives and family members hating the United States of America and provides more recruits for terrorist organizations.

While such a strategy may avoid the President’s need to further employ the services of detention camps, such as Guantánamo Bay, they deprive the United States of necessary intelligence in order to more effectively fight against terrorism. This flies in the face of common sense!

Rather than make friends and restore respect abroad for the United States of America, the President’s new strategies are further alienating people abroad from the United States. The President has only mentioned his selection of strategies once publicly and that was in regard to defending his daughters against imaginary disrespectful actions by the Jonas Brothers. Such an un-defensive utterance, a slip, by one who is regarded by many as the most powerful man in the world, is evidence of the weight brought to bear in the President’s hypocrisy and lack of good old-fashioned common sense in defending America and furthering United States interests abroad.

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