Dear Anchorage School Superintendent Carol Comeau:

You boast on television that you want hear why voters have declined bonds for your schools again.  Moreover, you present with spite and hatred and it’s obvious to all that you are the embodiment of the liberal machine destroying America!

I’ll bet you voted for Obama, that Kenyan Bastard and illegal alien.  Moreover, you’ll vote for him again.  He, too, wants to spend us down the drain and sink us into oblivion so we can be dependent upon him and upon your miserable educational system! 

We are sending a message that we are tired of your philosophy.  We are tired of the results of your liberal socialization of our children.  We want real diversity in education and not homogenization of our children’s minds so that they act like disrespectful automatons that lack common sense! 

We want our children to have a real education wherein they learn to think independently rather like automatons regurgitating the swill you force them to imbibe.  Finally, you and your type are the reason my country has declined and continues to decline at a very rapid pace.  We want to stop you and your ilk before you destroy us—if that is possible. 

Where in the Constitution is a “right” that a child received a “free” education?  A “public” education?  Where is it in the Constitution that you can keep children imprisoned for years when they have done nothing wrong?  And they are capable of going to college at least three years earlier?  Truly, you are wasting their time, our resources and destroying our children and our future. 

Good Day,

Dr. Kent

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      Perhaps I am nuts but the fact is our public school system is a failure and ceased operating in the American spirit (of the Constitution and excellence) early in the last century.

      May I advise you to get an education and read:


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