Alaskan Foreclosures Increase (and Hidden)

Right now as I type the Alaskan State Senate is about to make or break Alaska.  However, rather than support Governor Parnell, liberals (which most of them are including the Republicans!) are declaring that they don’t have enough information to make a proper decision. 

I agree.  Liberals will never have enough information! 

Case in point, Beth Kertula is busy admonishing us that the legislature doesn’t have any guarantees that oil exploration will increase, nor does he have all the information needed according to Senate President Gary Stevens.  Nevertheless, the real spoiler is and always has been Senator Hollis French—he’s the jackass who re-wrote Governor Sarah Palin’s ACES casting both our former governor in a bad non-conservative light AND killing the goose that lays the golden eggs! 

The fact is the pseudo-environmentalists have had a stranglehold on Alaska for quite some time.  And if the legislature fails to enact Governor Parnell’s legislation reducing the taxes upon oil to reasonable levels, the die will have been cast:  

Once the oil stops flowing, the pipeline by charter is required to be dismantled and it is all over. 

This is the make it or break it time and I don’t care how it turns out.  Why?  Because, should the liberal pseudo-environmentalists succeed in torpedoing Alaska’s economy, there’s going to be a fire sale on real estate. 

Already foreclosures are up in Alaska but the mortgage companies don’t want you to know it so that they can keep the values of real estate up and recoup their losses.  So, in a few short years, we are going to see history repeat itself like it did in 1986 when oil went bust. 

The beauty in this is that the “illiberals” and the pseudo-environmentalists are going to get what they want.  And as it is has often been said, “Be careful what you want!  You might get it.” 

When the economy finally crashes hard, and it crashes hard when it crashes in Alaska, and the citizens of Alaska are faced with paying for all these wonderful services the “illiberals” have foisted off on us.  When the people are facing with HUGE taxes to cover the costs of decades of “illiberal” largesse, reality will have set in. 

More importantly, Alaskans are going to insist on chopping most of our overly large and burdensome State Government and the non-government non-profit agencies (NGO’s) they have foisted off on us at great expense.  I estimate that one-half of Alaska State employees will receive pink slips and there will be no more police officers in Anchorage making $150,000 and more annually! 

But, that’s ok.  Provided I can afford the taxes, I’ll be seeing condo’s offered for sale just like they were in 1986—for a mere $5,000 cash. 

Sadly, there will be no recovery once the pipeline is out of service.  However, gladly, those “illiberals” and pseudo-environmentalists who have been re-making Alaska in the liberal image of the Lower 48, especially the State of California, will finally be able to realize the destructive fruit of their faulty philosophy.  Maybe they’ll change but I’m not holding my breath.  

Certainly, some worthy citizens ought to step forward and replace Hollis French, Beth Kertula and every other Alaskan Legislator who fails to support Governor Sean Parnell in his common sense approach.  After all, this really is the last chance Alaska has to avert another crash. 

Will we ever learn? 

Yes, foreclosures in Anchorage are up but the banks don’t want you to know about it.  Why?  So they can keep up the charade and keep real estate prices as high as they can for as long as they can—just like they did in the Lower 48.  [Yes, it’s our turn—to bust.] 

Even the Municipality is vested in this fiasco.  Should the increase in forecloses come to light and values begin to really fall, so, too, does the Municipalities’ tax base.  Since the Anchorage Assembly in all its wisdom got suckered by our last “illiberal” mayor, they have everything to lose 

But, for the most part, while they merely have their seats to lose, they’ll be making sure Anchorage residents give up their shirts.  After all, “it’s all for a good cause.”

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