Warning on Potassium Iodine KI: The State of Alaska is Prepared

As Chairman of the Red Cross Disaster Relief Committee for Northeast Mississippi, when I suggested our Red Cross chapter stockup on potassium iodine just in case there was a nuclear catastrophe resulting in potential radiation exposure, I was met with resistance.  As cheap as the stuff was, we were beholden to the central office and all they wanted us to focus on was a drill practising for an air plane disaster.

However, there is a problem with taking potassium iodine when its not necessary.  It could cause thyroid dysfunction and cause great discomfort.  In short, I’d advise against taking unless you knew you were in a hot zone and exposure was eminent.

Alaska is reported to have potassium iodine on hand for emergencies such as this.  The State of Alaska gets few things right and this time I am going to trust them to provide potassium iodine should it become necessary.  Right now, it appears there is no such emergency and it is unlikely this will develop into one.

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