Message: Attempts to Locate Inmate Victim of Sexual Battery


This is a very short MP3 file left on my cell phone by the psychologist who had discovered that Dr. Susan Arnold had had sex with her inmate patient at Florence West, the private prison, while Dr. Arnold was providing “treatment” as head of their Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP).  This entire affair proves that there is no sex offender treatment within ADC.  Certainly, there hasn’t been any since Dr. Arnold left!  🙂

The woman who left this message is a psychologist licensed by the Arizona board of Psychologists Examiners*. 

It was she in March who brought to my attention that Dr. Arnold had been (or so it was reported) forced to stop working suddenly due to her medical condition.  Dr. Arnold had a microadenoma—a brain tumor—and we felt sorry for her being forced from work due to her “medical condition.”

Nonetheless, later, on the Summer Solstice, I received a phone call from a former co-worker at ASPC—Florence asking me to confirm what he had heard.  He wanted to know if it was true that Dr. Arnold ‘had been escorted from Florence West.’  You see, when one is “escorted” from the facility, it means they have been fired.

My friend told me that it was alleged Dr. Arnold had been caught having sex with one of her male inmate patients!  Furthermore, the investigation had revealed that inmate patient claimed when he was released from prison he was going to hunt down Dr. Arnold’s husband and kill him so that he could have Dr. Arnold to himself!

At the time, in September, we were tying to find out who this inmate victim was.  You see, it is illegal (a felony) for a psychologist to have sex with one of their patients.  It is “sexual battery.”  Moreover, it is illegal for any employee at ADC to have sex with an inmate.  Inmates have no ability to consent; they are in legal fact “wards of the State.”

However, we later learned that the inmate was a short timer and had been moved downtown to Alhambra.  Interestingly, Dr. Susan Arnold was listed on that inmate’s visitor list!  Now, that’s twisted!!!

[*Note to the Board:  If you act quick enough, you might be able to take action against her license, but hell if I’m going to file another complaint with this Board after the way you treated me and dismissed EVERY claim I filed with you.

She’s still licensed and is not likely competent.  But she makes more money than any practicing psychologist I know.  Between her ASRS retirement approaching $80,000 and her $125,000 salary working as a Medical examiner for Social Security Determination Services, she knocks down more than $200 big ones a year!  {That’s more than $200,000.00 annually!  And you allow both these bitches to be licensed while harassing me incessantly to the point of breaking my health!}

Alas, she confided in me that she doesn’t know what PTSD is and, moreover, any time she sees a diagnosis of PTSD in the chart, she denies that disability claim!  I pleaded with her to get competency because she was denying every bonafide PTSD claim from each returning vet from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that crossed her computer screen which was linked directly to the Social Security Administration computer(s) in Bethesda, Maryland.

FYI:  Last time I saw her, I was treating her to a finer restaurant in Phoenix and it became obvious to me she was working on a schizophrenia.  Her behavior was so off the charts I was certain Security at McCormick & Schmick’s was going to call the police.  Also, her body odor was so foul, so putrid my new car stunk to high heaven the next day; damn fine automobile, German leather.]

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