Introducing a Protangonist on the Arizona Board of Psychogolist Examiners: Miki Paul, Psychologist

The Board is a revolving door.  While Dr. Miki Paul of Tucson may not be on it today, there is a good chance Dr. Paul will be on it once again in the future.  Nevertheless, I would like to introduce Psychologist Miki Paul and tell you a little bit about her; the most important facts are why in my opinion Miki Paul should not be allowed to serve on the Arizona Board of Psychologist Examiners and why Dr. Paul lacks competency and should not be allowed licensure as a psychologist!  In short, I believe she is dangerous to the public!

I met Dr. Paul at the AzPA Conference in Tucson in October 2005–shortly before the Board decided to summarily suspend my license on my birthday!  Dr. Paul had sponsored the presenter on Domestic Violence which is her favorite subject, her pet peeve.  Moreover, it is her “fixation.”  Dr. Paul is so obsessed with it that she can’t see straight.  Certainly she is unable to be unbiased and objective—requirements of any competent psychologist.

Dr. Paul had given money out of her own pocket so that Lenora Walker could attend and present the latest in development in Feminist Psychology and Partner Violence to the members of the Arizona Psychological Association.

I really enjoyed Dr. Walker’s presentation.  After years of being cajoled by “liberal” psychologists that whenever there is any sort of disturbance in a marriage the two must be forced to separate and divorce, Dr. Walker had changed her tune and softened a bit.  Now, finally, it was “acceptable practice” for professionals to “not” force a separation and advocate for divorce in marriages in which there were disputes ranging from merely yelling to out and out battering!

In fact, I believe it was Dr. Walker who had made her claim to fame in the profession by discovering the Cycle of Domestic Violence and bringing the “Honey Moon Phase” into the mainstream of the literature.  This was considered such an important development that it was on the Examination for the Professional Practice of Psychology (EPPP) and published in most of the Psychology 101 College texts when I was an undergraduate.

Allow me to explain: For years we were cajoled by the field of Feminist Psychology that anything short of forcing a disputing couple to divorce was tantamount to malpractice!  As a student, I knew in my gut that that wasn’t right.  Yet, because it was advocated adamantly by the so-called “Feminists” and liberal male psychologists that we were stuck with this marriage and family destroying approach!

I was personally and professionally relieved to be there to hear Dr. Walker correct those psychologists in attendance who were just hearing this new approach (keeping couples together was ok and even advocated—What a change!) that made sense.  Knowing that Dr. Paul had paid money out of her own pocket to sponsor Leonora walker I wanted to thank her personally for her patronage.

Furthermore, I was reared that a gentleman always compliments a woman.  Dr. Paul was in fine shape and wore a long brown and indigo dress which stood out with its earthy tones.  I approached Dr. Paul knowing she was a Board member.  However, I had been cautious because of previous undue processes before the Board to turn my name tag around so that I would not call too much attention to myself.

But, as fate would have it, unbeknown to me, my name tag had turned around.  It had flipped over revealing my name.  When I approached Dr. Paul, she glanced at my name tag and before I could utter a word of compliment to her, the look on her face told me everything!  She had such a look of hate that if looks could kill . . . well, you know the rest of the story.

Actually, you don’t know the rest of the story.  Stay tuned.  I shall have much more to say about Dr. Paul and the undue processes of the Board.

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