Beating a Sociopath

There is only one way to beat a sociopath and even at that I am not sure I could ever say it is foolproof. Sociopaths con even the best of psychologists. They walk right through us. They walk around us and we never recognize sociopaths for who and what they are. In part, this is because psychology doesn’t fully understand what a sociopath is. For instance, there is no code in the DSM for sociopathy.

Sociopaths are NOT anti-social personality disordered people nor are they asocial. With one out of every 25 Americans being a sociopath, Martha Stout’s (2006) book, “The Sociopath Next Door” should be required reading in high school. While her book helps one to understand sociopaths in a limited way, the fact is THERE IS ONLY ONE DEFENSE AGAINST THE SOCIOPATH!

That is, to have a relationship with Jesus and have the Holy Spirit within you. The average mainstream church goer who engages in what I call “Churchianity” hasn’t a hope or a prayer of the protection for dealing with the evil a sociopath is!

Recently, I had a run in with another sociopath. While it took me a long long time to realize what this woman was about, it was only by following the promptings of the Holy Spirit that I was given the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time to observe and gather the critical data necessary to realize my adversary and the danger I had been in!

We were never designed to deal with evil on our own. We were designed to live in relationship with the Lord of the universe, with Jesus, and it is only with His protection that we have a hope of recognizing the sociopaths among us and avoiding the damages their evil brings!

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  1. Shane Benson Fisher says:

    Thank you Dr. Kent!! You are awesome my dear friend!! I have personally dealt with sociopaths and its so difficult to understand them. Our society seems to produce this in people if we are not yielded to a higher power and try and stay Word(Bible) focused to have a higher hope than this disintegrating society around us.. Thanks much again my friend for touching on this subject. One only needs to see silence of the lambs to know that the brain can take us to places that are very disturbing when intelligence and anger is not yielded to a conscience base on Biblical Truth and Love..Thanks again Doc..

  2. iwon says:

    Correct! God protects!

  3. Anon says:

    Follow any religion you want, but HEAR THIS. Religious and political leaders are usually high functioning social predators. The Bible was written by psychopaths to enslave you. In a lot of ways religion is like a biological botnet.

    The only way to “beat a sociopath” is to flee or become the bigger sociopath.

    • admin says:

      Dear Anon,

      Since your comment is on topic, I approved it for public view posting. Nevertheless, I disagree with your comment vehemently!

      First, it is obvious you have never read the great intertext called the Bible. I assure all the Bible could only have been written by God. True, men wrote it, but they never could have coordinated the results without the divine inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

      Second, you are mostly correct when you write, “Religious and political leaders” are “predators.” Why did you stop short of calling them sociopaths?

      Today’s pastors for the most part scatter the flock and THEY LIE! When our nation was founded, the truth was known and preached from the pulpits. As a result our form of government lasted (at most) 70 years. Since 1850 the evil ones have taken over the seminaries and the seminaries produce religious con men.

      But they are not the problem. We are! We insist they pastors and prophets not preach & prophesy the truth. We insist they speak to us only of “smooth things.”

      When we insist that pastors once again preach the truth from the Bible (which means we have to read it ourselves), then the politicians will legislate from that base of truth and knowledge. Then we may recover our nation.

      As it stands, Americans are a most “wicked” people. What is wickedness? Wickedness is denying the existence of God. All other sins may be mediated but not that one!

      Until you get off your ass and read the Bible for yourself (especially the “Old Testament” which is an artificial division caused by man), you are part of the problem!

      There is a lot of psychology in the Bible. Sociopathy is described in detail. Political correctness and the results of political correctness are described in detail by the Major Prophets.

      You don’t beat a sociopath by becoming a “better sociopath!” You beat a sociopath by the help of the God’s grace and the protection of the Holy Spirit.

      Furthermore, there is no escaping the judgment God has issued on America; you can’t turn away from the effects of the sociopaths running the world today no matter how much you think you can!

      One may flee from an individual sociopath and I highly recommend that when one is able to recognize that one is dealing with a sociopath, but most of us never realize we are dealing with a sociopath even after the damage. However, one can not become a sociopath at will. That’s an interesting concept; I’ll have to think about it.

      Until you (assuming you are like me) realize who you really are (a true Israelite descendent), America will suffer the Curses for Disobedience found in Leviticus and Deuteronomy. Look those up for yourself and read. See if America isn’t suffering according to those conditional covenantal curses!


      Dr. Kent

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